Sniff Houseplants Before You Buy!

Been noticing this as well.. so many plant pots without dranage included. Great advice as always from the laidback gardener

Laidback Gardener

20180403A & .jpg Always treat plants in designer pots with suspicion. Give them a sniff before you buy them! Source: &, montage:

These days, horticulture seems to have taken a huge step backward. Garden centers now currently sell plants in “designer pots*,” really cute ones, but without drainage holes, something they would never have considered even 10 years ago. Cacti and succulents bear the brunt of this mistreatment: the very plants that can’t take soaking in water even for short periods are now sold in pots that don’t allow excess water to drain away. What a horror!

*Who designs these designer pots? Certainly not horticulturists! A good gardener would never consider growing plants under such perilous conditions!

Often these plants are already rotting when you buy them. And usually when rot sets in, it ends up killing the plant … but that can take months (succulents do everything slowly, even dying)…

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3 Responses to Sniff Houseplants Before You Buy!

  1. Widdershins says:

    One can’t have all that nasty drainage water ruining the custom designed furniture. What would the neighbours think!!! 😀

  2. These “designer pots” were never meant to be used for actually planting anything, only as a pretty cover for ugly green plastic; )

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