Pantry Challange 2018-Day Two -Starting seeds and bulbs

Well Day 2 is dawning cold in the house, and I am already missing my mom’s fancy coffee machine that I have unplugged. I am going back to making a big old pot of tea that can be drank hot or cold and I will be making up a batch of tea concentrate for DH and the house use.  It will be a good thing for me to get off the coffee for a awhile.

I started regular sprouts four trays yesterday on Day one and today I Will start a two trays of mung beans that I started soaking yesterday and one tray of pea’s that once I see them swell and get tails, will be transferred to a tray for Green Pea greens for a future supper.

If you need to eat out of your pantry, that should also include your seed pantry.. the seeds comes on super cheap in some of the most basic things, three packages for a 1 or even at times you can get them for 25 cents per package. If you can not buy things at the store and you can not harvest outside.. Sprouts and Microgreens are wonderful..  Now if you don’t have a set up that you can have trays and soil (and you should not be out buying soil) so then just go with sprouts..  While I will admit that I do find growth effected to the  better by using the trays, I started out sprouting  with a old empty clean jar that I put sprouts in and I didn’t even have cheese cloth, I used a clean piece of cotton with a old rubber band to hold it in place.. Soak, then drain and refresh them at min 2x a day, better if you can do three and once they start sprouting, I would lean the jar on its side to let them have even more growing room.

I also started a few pot of Green onions bulbs on Day 1 and will get a few more pots planted up over the next few days so that we will have fresh green tops at the very least if not small onions towards the end of the month. I am not sure what else I will start over the next week. I will cut the bottom of the celery off and pot it up as well for fresh Celery Greens to add as a burst of flavor and greens.

I cut up and cooked the wilting celery and frozen it flat in a package so I can break out smaller portions and use it up over the month, I also took the three banana’s and froze them, I will use them up in a baking item that will much further then just eating them would.

Today has been a simple meal day for me, I have had eggs with toast and some nuts and dried fruit for a snack as well as a couple cuppa of regular tea or Chia tea. Hubby took eggs for breakfast and leftover pasta dish for his main lunch with a blueberry cake for his snack.

So today’s Question for you.. if you needed to? Do you have mung bean in your pantry that can be sprouted? Do you have extra greens, radish seeds or mustard seeds or so many others that can be sprouted in jars or trays? in your seed box?

What about extra’s in the house, could you repot up the green onion ends, or the celery ends, they will not regrow whole new plants but they will put new growth out in amounts that you can use it again in a cut and come method to give a bit of freshness to a dish?

Odds and Ends of the day: Started saving egg shells for the garden, instead of putting them in the pigs bucket.

From the farm: Day 1- Eggs (all chicken) 8

Its been a truly spring day, with cold winds, the odd skiff of snow coming down while I was working outside, its cold enough that the ground is frozen. No new babies in the barns yet but the horse’s are frisky and enjoying their spirited play time.

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2 Responses to Pantry Challange 2018-Day Two -Starting seeds and bulbs

  1. Way to go. I hate those coffee machine, hydro suckers. Love your sprout trays, I am still using the jar method, but it works. Good luck on the challenge.

    • Hi Kathleen, I hear ya, I unplugged a number of things, such bad hydro eaters for sure. Thanks, I love my trays, if you watch on amazon, they go on sale at 50 to 60 percent off around Christmas time, I will look at picking up another set of four at some point. I have eight and you would think that is lots but there are times I would like more. the jar method works well, did it for many years, but I like the stackablity of the trays. Thanks, I am looking forward to it

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