So what do we have to start this challange with?

You are going to get a sneak peak into my kitchen today and in the weeks to come.. I will take a picture of the fridge, and or fruit bowl if anything is in it each Monday.. I expect that its going to look much different by the end of this challenge.

I normally do not have this much different things in my fridge (a number of things are my mom’s but we are certainly going to eat them up) and I am in fact as I looked lacking some of the things I normally do have(like where is my cabbage?). Besides the fridge, I have four squash left, about 25 pounds of storage potato’s and about 7 pounds of smaller sweet potato’s

I knew this challenge was coming and I chose to not start any sprouts till today, letting the ones in the fridge get used up before starting new ones for the challenge.

Reason’s to consider doing your own pantry challenge be it for a weekend, a week or better yet a min of a month..  What if you lost your job? and you needed to live out of your pantry for a month, could you do it? What if you had a baby and you are heading back to work and you have a month between EI and your first paycheck?  What if life decides that you need a kick and a thousand dollar repair bill on your car.. (yes, ideally you have savings and can just pay the bill but lets be real here for a min, sometimes things come along that make us tighten the belt) being able to learn how to make and then live out of your pantry for a week or two or for a full month is a very good thing.

Second reason to consider doing your own pantry Challenge.. find out how to make meals out of those items that have been just sitting there. that water chestnut can that you should use up.. but as long as you are bringing in fresh, you are never going to use it.. This type of challenge will make you think out of the box on those “hey this was on sale” but you never eat it items.

Or Flip the coin

Third Reason to consider doing your own pantry Challenge.. learn to create super frugal meals..  When you get lower on things, but you are still having a hard working day, you need to make sure you are still eating well.. The Pantry Challenge makes you do a bit more work in creating meals with the basic’s (because that is the first and formost thing) your pantry should have is basic’s.

I truly believe that at some point in everyone’s life they are going to have some thing or some reason to need to eat from their pantry. Creating a working Pantry is good thing.. creating a working Homestead Pantry is another thing indeed..  Its got a lot more tied to the season’s and the farm life.. sometimes there is gluts and other times famine.. something that we just do not think about in our “just stop by the store” and pick up?

Anyone going to consider joining me in a few simple things as we go along..

So here is Day 1 Question for you?  How much Rice or Grains that are cooked like Rice do you have in your pantry?  If you needed to eat out of your Rice or Cooking Grains Store how long would it last you? Would you be able to feed your current size family for the next six weeks? or would it be longer?

I have enough rice and multi cooking grains but strangely at least upstairs, I appear to be much lower in barley then I should be??  I am not happy about this, as Barley is my go to! I am hoping that I am going to find that I have a good amount put away, otherwise, I have just found my first weak spot in my pantry!

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6 Responses to So what do we have to start this challange with?

  1. valbjerke says:

    Hmmmm – very little rice (hubby does not eat rice), small amount of barley. Lots of lentils (going to try growing my own this year), tons of dry beans from the garden, lots of split peas. I know the peas and beans and lentils are not grains – but that would be my ‘go-to’ in a pantry challenge. 😊

    • Nice, I am going to be talking about both your beans and your pea’s and the fact that both can be grown in our gardens in mass to a point. Rice is always a tricky one, I like red and black rice so much more then I do most white rice’s but I am learning that there are so many other kinds that we can work with in terms of texture and flavours. Still as a staple if your family will and can eat it, its a calorie staple that can not be over looked in the pantry or in frugal meals.

  2. Bev says:

    Just found your blog and I am enjoying reading about your challenge. Live in Northern CA, near Mt. Shasta. When you mentioned in your previous post about eggs I wondered if your selling or swapping for things you need counts. We have raised and grown everything all of our life. We are slowing down, but knowing what and where our food source comes from is at the top of our list..

    • Welcome to the Blog Bev, I hope you will continue to like it, I jump all over the place on subjects and it often follows the season’s. sounds like you have had a interesting life 🙂 I do some barter at times but when it comes to the pantry challenge, we pretty much stay with what we have.. one of the reason’s I do it is to find weakness’s in my putting up..

  3. Christine says:

    What do you do with barley? I am so interested in this! I think in the U.S., we have very little variety in the grains that we eat. Rice, rice, wheat, wheat, rice. I’ve experimented with quinoa but I’m not very good using other grains. I would have NO idea what to do with barley!

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