GooseBerry Jam Recipe

The gooseberry patch is hopping this year, a full batch of jam on off just two of the bushes with eight more to go for picking and processing. I love Gooseberry Jam on old aged cheese. The combo is a delight.

The perk of using the steam canner is that you just need to clean the berries, no top or tailing them, now I do like some of the fiber or guts of the gooseberries to be in the jam, otherwise it would be Gooseberry Jelly.

If you make the juice from the berries and then run the leftover mash though a sieve, you leave behind the skins, and stem bits but the thick fiber will push though and can be skimmed off and added back into the juice. This was a mix of berries between green and pixiewell pink Gooseberries. Give the above jam a lovely soft pink color.

Gooseberry Jam Recipe

  • 4 cups of mixed juice- cleaned cooked and Sieved gooseberry flesh
  • 5.5 cups of sugar
  • 1 package of Powdered Certo Pectin

Heat your mixed juice till its warm, add your sugar, heat up till a boil, then add your pectin and bring back to boil for one min. Then bottle and process in water bath for 10 min.

This combo in terms of percent’s is one of the best I have found for making sure I have a nice soft but firm enough set of jam.

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2 Responses to GooseBerry Jam Recipe

  1. D > That’ll be a coarser sieve than we have. Gooseberries are, as you know, our tour de force, but whilst we do jelly and jam we haven’t done the half-half of your method. We’ll have to try it.

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