Local Homestead Skill’s Day.. Message me for more detailed info

Myself and a few other amazing ladies will be hosting a Homesteading Skills Day on Aug 12th (its a Saturday)

From 9 till 4

9:30 -protein from thin air (chicken feed)
10-edible landscaping
11-Rabbits 101 Talk (no live rabbits but there will be a stuffie)

noon-lunch=break (bring your own lunch) Water, tea and Coffee and fixings will be provided.

1-1:30- Rennet-traditional animal an plant

1:45- Basic Cheese-Making, yogurt, soft farmers cheese-paneer (I will be bringing Samples from a provincially approved local farm of fresh curd’s and yogurt)

3:40 Door Prize Raffle( you must be there to claim the prize, nothing will be shipped)

Full list of sponsor’s will be shared at the event- etc.. wrap up and done

This is a donate Scaled event, if you can afford to do so we ask you put something in the donate tin per person coming but you do need to be on the invite list. We do have limited seating and space.

No Pets, Its a Dry event and there will be no child care available.

It will be a fast pace event with a lot of information being shared, while there will be some limited hand-outs, bring your paper and pens.

If you are interested, please let me know either by Commenting (its moderated)

I will take up X amount of names and then I will if needed take a waiting list (because someone will always cancel the week before šŸ™‚


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2 Responses to Local Homestead Skill’s Day.. Message me for more detailed info

  1. Amanda says:

    I won’t be able to make this event this year, but I would be interested in a future year. Thanks!

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