This and That post

It was a good day..

This morning we sheared the remaining woolie sheep on the farm as they say the heat is going up later this week and it really needed to be done, the hair sheep are nicely shed out and some are as sleek looking as goats.

We did extra chores and cleaning, we worked on the big pen that is in the shade and tree’s as we are going to be splitting the flock into two..  The adults will go into the big pen with shelter and shade and will be let out at evening chore time and graze all evening, night and early morning. at which point they will be put away for the day and the lambs will be let out to graze the day time hours and will be put away into the big Barn for the evening and night time.

The lambs will be fully weaned and while we will need to feed a touch of hay, they will be out with lots of pasture grazing time.

I slipped off the farm to our local Club’s Range for their once a year Ladies Day and meet up with a few friends and we got to spend trying out new makes and models. I will not be sharing any of their photos here on the blog..  I really liked the Rifle above, it was a five out of six balloon first time with it.  I promise it was the only tricked out Pink at the event, but there was some cute bling’d ear muffs 🙂


More chores after we got home..  I never even got my pork roast until it was to late for supper, it got taken out around nine to start cooling, I raided my fridge and we had a leftover supper night.

I am doing my daily post at almost ten.. where did the time go.. Busy day!


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