June Garden Overview -2017 Tracking Year Data

Hello Folks, I am going to do my best heading into 2017 to have a big old tracking year, I need to do this and I have the book, the paperwork and the plan..  I will make it happen..

So this is the first month of scales, daily writing of what is coming in.. O the fun.. (not) lol.. but if I can get into a daily habit, it will prove to be much easier.  I think that I will need to get my own little second book for this, its proving at times to take to much room in my current recording book.


June  Costs- 0 dollars

Output Costs: 0 dollars

I did not buy a single thing this month.. no outcosts other then time and sweat!

An so it starts..  While I do have a soaping scale, I am going to round things into pounds or fractions of pounds just like I took everything into pints, regardless of the jar size itself..  so it can be a quarter of a pound, half a pound, a pound an so forth.  Yes, I know I am Canadian but I was raised with gallons and pounds, I am the crossover gen and it never stuck any more then it needed to.. give me feet, pounds and inches!



Harvested in June (all dried herbs and such will go with Mountain Rose Herb costs per their site)

Beebalm Leaves -Two pounds worth- (o that lovely flavour of earl grey tea)- 20

Wild Violet Greens – 8 pounds for drying – 40

Plantain Greens- 10 pounds for drying-34

Strawberry leaves -2 pounds worth -10

20 bunches of green onions (this one is tricky, I have both green onions up and coming in but I also have a lot of just the greens of walking onions coming in, we had a price drop in stores and at the farmers market so I am reflecting that) 1.99 per bunch -40

Dried enough mint to fill three quart jars (forgot to weight it fresh) assume 2 pounds fresh per jar.. so six pounds of mints -18

174 pounds of rhubarb – 5 dollars a pound at the store (I have seen it as low as 4 at the market and 3.50 from a farm friend) but the average is still 4.99 per pound at the local stores.  -870

12 pounds of strawberries – 4 dollars a pound locally so 48 dollars worth.

1 pint haskap berries at 4.99 – 5

Total produced : $ 1, 085

  • Jan $161. 40
  • Feb $248
  • March $248
  • April 245.50
  • May -554.00
  • June -1,085

June $1,085

Minus – 0

June total to the good –1,085

Garden Output to date : In the good $ 2, 473.30

Now we are starting to see some nice numbers! All burdock, nettles and comfrey and other yard green harvested this month have been pushed into fodder for the animals.

I also harvested 6.5 pounds of Chaga (but it was off farm) at 35 per pound Canadian, that was a extra 227.50 that was processed on the farm but not farm harvested, if it had been in my local six acres of woods, I would have counted it but it was not..

PS, I know that I am doing this a day early, I have strawberries to weight, and make into jam or something, I have my eye on elderberry flowers that are just starting to reach their peak for picking but that last day will flip over to next month..

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2 Responses to June Garden Overview -2017 Tracking Year Data

    • Thank you.. some things are a little light, we are going to have a poor strawberry crop.. to much rain, not enough heat and o the slugs.. the slugs are eating at least half the crop this year.. but as it takes with one hand it give with the other.. the raspberry crop looks to be the best I have had to date..

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