Give away plants for a coming Speaking Event..

Its exciting to be working on a number of projects for the coming spring for different groups and people.  While I do have limited dates available at this time, if you want to consider working with me, check out my “for hire” page

In this case we are starting Good King Henry. Seeds came from Aster Lane Edibles

Three full trays of these little guys are prepared and started for a Permaculture Speaking Event on Mother’s Day Weekend, gifts for the public that will be attending the event.

Primary Uses:

  • Raw Leaves – Raw leaves are bitter and contain oxalic acid, so they should only be eaten in moderation. Best in Spring and early Summer and used in a mixed green salad to vary the salad’s flavor.
  • Cooked Leaves – Cooking destroys the oxalic acid. Makes a good spinach substitute. Often used with a mixed cooked green meal (kale, spinach, chard, sorrel, dandelion, etc.). Older leaves become tough and bitter, so cooking is needed; however, after flowering the leaves become larger and more succulent. Younger leaves just need to be steamed for a few minutes. 
  • Shoots – Very popular, harvested and prepared just like asparagus (cut when about 5 inches (12 cm)).
  • Flower Buds – Prepared and cooked like broccoli, but much smaller and a little tedious to harvest.
  • Seed – A decent supplementary grain source. Needs to be soaked overnight and rinsed to remove the saponins (soap-like chemicals) much like its relative, quinoa. Ground and usually mixed with other flours.
    Secondary Uses:
  • Decent groundcover plant – clumping, plant at 1 foot (30 cm) spacing for groundcover
  • Green/gold dye obtained from the whole plant
  • Reportedly considered a gentle laxative that can be used with children
  • Reportedly used to weaken parasitic worms (vermifuge) in the human body
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