Putting out my Shingle- Farmgal for Hire

Hi Folks

Well if you come to the site itself, you might have noticed a new page went up, but as most of the folks that read get it in a lot of different formats, it needed to go out as a post too.

This post has been a long time coming, I have been asked to speak at a number of events, I have done “free” presentations in a community service way for five plus years locally now. and I had heard over and over again.. you need to take this “to the next level”

I didn’t, for a few reason’s, the first is the farm keeps me busy! Second the blog is my main creative outlet and its works so well, when I have time and I can write and share, when I am crazy busy, I can miss a day and life goes on, and third, well third is a little more raw and honest, I was not 100 percent sure that I was able to speak to larger crowds. I am ok with smaller groups but a full room. hmm  and fourth, I have no formal speaking training.

None the less, my friends and my fellow local garden, homesteading and Permaculture friends would not let this go! and so I accepted a small paid hour-long speaking event in 2015, and I was nerve racked, right until my third breath and then the information just flowed from me..  the information was great, the folks were great but when hubby said.. well, I went, great and I learned what I need to be better for next time. I had winged it just a bit too much for my own liking..

Then came 2016 and it expanded my speaking and hands on events even more, I did longer talks, shorter talks, I MC’d an event with other speakers, I worked with two outstanding ladies to put on our own event (sharing the risks, work and rewards) with them.. they were a pleasure to work with! and I have been hired by local community groups to teach hands on training at their events.

One of the things that held me back is that when folks would talk to me, they would ask for more time or more regular classes then I can offer.. A single day here and there, I can figure out, regular weekly classes.. not so much! What I did not expect was that when I explained what I could do, instead of assuming that if I could not offer what they were asking of me, that it would just be worked out!


2016 has been a huge learning curve and one that I am sure will not be ending any time soon, I will continue to get better and work towards that goal. I have already had folks talking to me about idea’s and plans for events in 2017

So I have decided that its time to bring this out into the mainstream a hang a shingle out here on my blog to let folks know that I am willing to look at doing a limited (very limited) amount of speaking and or hands on teaching classes in the future.

I will consider doing speaking events in regards to Food Preservation

  • Canning
  • Drying
  • Fermenting
  • Charcuterie

I have also been booked to teach hands on class’s in regards to

  • Water Bath Canning
  • Pressure Canning
  • Food Dehydration
  • Fermentation
  • Basic Bread Making Skills
  • Sour Dough Bread Making.

I can also be hired for a small kitchen parties.. work one on one with me, or get a group of friends together 3 to 6 and tell me what you want to learn, and I will do my best to make it happen.

With my mom coming to live on the farm in 2017, it means that I will have more flexibility and freedom both because we will have two vehicles instead of just the one and because it means I can leave the farm and know that someone is here on it, the hounds will be let in and out, the critters will be checked on etc.

For more information please leave a comment here.  All comments are moderated, so it all info will remain private, please include your name, what you are looking for and a way to contact you.. email or phone.

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