New Year Storm…

Ok, I had gotten into a bad habit in the past year or two of trying to get a post out each day, instead of writing the posts I want to share and never mind that somedays it s 1 post and some days its more..

I expect if this year goes the way I think it will.. a lot of days will have at least two..  So the freezing rain came.. it was a slick cover to everything.. I mean a sheet of ice a solid inch an half to two inches thick that was crackable with the ice breaker, so slick that you needed to put down grips and where spikes on your boots..

And then the temps went up just a tad and it rained.. cold bitter rain for hours.. and they said.. don’t worry, the rain and the warmer temps will melt that freezing rain and so I waited.. around me 20 min in this direct.. it melted and 40 min up the valley.. melted.. smaller amounts of ice and the rain took it away..

Not here on the farm.. by evening chores the first tree was down in the pasture, across from the pathway to the Big Barn.. and the temps were dropping, and they said.. snow is coming..


It was a white winter land out there this morning, with a fresh light dusting of 2 inches but more, much more is coming.. back to back snow storms they say.. hitting Friday and Monday.. if we only swipe the edges of it.. just a mear foot to two.. if we get hit with it fully.. two to three….. we will see..


Yes, you are seeing that right.. the average load on the smaller branches are the ice is thicker or as thick as the branch ad the snow on top of that..


So far the smaller tree’s, the bigger and smaller branches that have come down have all come safely, in the pasture, in the yard or in the open ground..  I would be happy to take any extra prayers beyond my own that none come down in a dangerous way! So far the power has stayed on.. but we will see

If you are in the local area, stay safe.. and do your winter prep, check your gear and get caught up on extra’s.. (currently in my bathroom is a extra ten full six gallon buckets of water, just in case.) for livestock needs, plus, they will have snow access and the water troughs are full from the rains.. and are heated so free and open.

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  1. Widdershins says:

    Refreshed the gas cans for the generator the other day, and buckets of water just in case. Our next storm is due on the weekend. Snow is still a big adventure for me. 😀 … may you all stay well and warm and safe.

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