Food in Jars Mastery Challenge 2017

Back in 2010, the blogger we all knew as Tigress hosted a year-long canning challenge known as the Can Jam. Each month, she’d announce a new category of ingredients and we’d all head out and make a preserve featuring that particular food. It was fun to be pushed to try new things and I so loved the sense of community that the Can Jam created

I did this great challenge back in the day, so I am excited to see a new one 🙂 I will as always as much as possible try and use things off the farm.. at least ideally one thing at a min..


Love the color on my gooseberry jelly from 2016..


I am adding in a twist, ideally, I will also include a recipe with photos using the product itself 🙂

hopefully I will be more creative then just on toast lol


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3 Responses to Food in Jars Mastery Challenge 2017

  1. Penny says:

    Oh – so exciting Val. I signed up too and invited my girlfriend to as well. Will you post on the Ottawa area canning group? This may help inspire some casual/seasonal canners like myself.

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