Sept Harvest Challenge- Pig

There are going to be lots of coming pig posts as I do some fun things now that the butcher is done and I have roasts, chops, ribs, organs bacon an so much more, curing an canning, grinding and processing fat to render down.. Everything other than organs are lightly salted down for holding


We are frugal on the farm in many ways and I feel that to keep skills, you need to work them, an I like not stressing my (for own use only) animals, no transport, no fear.. just everyday normal and then gone.


Caleb provided the draft power to skid her big old 450 (approx. per her measurements) body up from the big barn to the butcher station where we have water, power and the power of the truck to hoist her up.


It was an honest days work, more than a year in the making, from a wee weaner piglet that needed extra bedding, to a friendly healthy pig that loved all the extra garden scraps, though snow storms, heat waves an downpours we took water, feed and bedding, we scratched heads an rumps, we have picked an haul windfall apples for her this fall, we are have hauled her hay all winter for extra greens and given her logs to roll an root.. she has played in mud holes an dozed in the warm sun..


She has had a life were she has always been allowed to be a pig and I am grateful for that, as I am grateful that we will have a year or mores supply of pork for my family.

Well, I had better get back to my day..  more work to be done yet



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2 Responses to Sept Harvest Challenge- Pig

  1. Kelli says:

    What a wonderful life to give to an animal. No matter that she was intended for butchering or lifelong companionship.

  2. That’s how we like to do it too. Happy life, then it is over. No stress.

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