Local Harvest Fair

There was a great local Fall Harvest Fair locally on sunday and it just happened to be on the way to a store I needed to get to in order to pick up 360 pounds of plain white salt for my coming needs..

We stopped by for a visit and I am so glad we did.. it was great fun to be had by all.. great people, wonderful harvests, baking, canning, live music, great events and display’s and a lovely horse parade.

In fact.. Why don’t you come join me here for a bit and come check it out 🙂


If you were of the age, there was so many great old fashion games for the kids..


There was great displays but this was one of my favorites, I just loved this homemade toy that makes this little tiny bales, just perfect for puddin! lol


I loved the Chicken Bingo..  they had a few nice young roosters of different breeds to choose from but it was the Rooster Calling contest that I really got into..

Never seen a rooster calling contest here you go..

I would like to tell you that hubby filmed me.. but nope LOL he was to busy laughing..  there were just a few of us ladies that were brave enough to step up and enjoy the fun.. I really liked the one lady’s the hen that laid a egg 🙂

I am pleased to announce that I won the ladies part of the contest!

On to the Horses, Pony’s, Mules and Oxen..

p1080373The big boys, a full size working team in their very fancy working harness

p1080368A Delightfully well matched pair of black and white Mini’s and just loved that they are being lady driven and love their outfits!

p1080377A wonderful simple but very effective team of standard donkey’s pulling a sweet and simple tradional go to two buggy

p1080379Adored this big three horse hitch in standard full duty heavy horse tack, they are used in the local plowing contests.. I love how they are all listening to the folks behind laughing while getting the job done!

p1080380This lovely team of mules with a tradional wagon was so wonderful, the team are in their go to town pretty hitch but the wagon is so well done right down to the water barrels and so much more that it should have.. great job!

p1080389Sweet little team of the smaller draft type..

p1080391I was thrilled to see a big old set of oxen coming on down the road.. I wish they had been in a hitch but they are just lovely! Everyone loves the horse teams but the truth is that the mules and the oxen were the backbone teams that settled this amazing country!

p1080395Pretty as a picture. they just matched so well, a big boned, but so flashy horse with its side saddle riding lady in full gear! I have only ridden side saddle a few times and I had a heck of time.. (an I was young and flexable)

p1080394These two ladies stole my heart and so they each got their own photos..  I love that these are tough, hardy lady trappers..  they did a great job on their outfits, the detail in the tack was outstanding, from bedrolls to deer sheds to ropes and so much more!Ip1080402This is not a knock in any way to the horse and lady trapper but this one was even more special to me because mules and trappers went together.. so many book I have read that the trappers mules saved their lives.. they tend to have better feet then many horses can, they are tough as nails and have more steady go but they also have a great sense of what they can and can do..

I got a great photo of the ladies laughing and the one of horse with its head turned but I didn’t get a good one of the mule team and then she posed perfectly for me on the way back out of town 🙂

Hope you enjoyed going to the fair with us, have a great day.. and if you want, tell me about your local fairs.. have you ever been in a rooster calling contest!

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6 Responses to Local Harvest Fair

  1. sagegreenforest says:

    That was fun seeing the fall harvest fair with you , the people and animals are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Cate Mawson says:

    Where was the fair? Looks wonderful 🙂

  3. Kat says:

    Oh I wish I could of been there too. Thank for the show and the animals were beautiful. My favorite are the mules but the horses were sure beauties.

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