Canning Workshop

I was up bright and early to get the farm chores done so that I could hit the road and get there in lots of time for set-up..  It all went so very well. Love the gear, good shoes, comfey cloths, hair was braided and then rolled up in to a bun, apron an tea towel over the shoulder! Geared up 🙂


I had a nice full group, there was a bit of room left in the kitchen but not much.. While I look forward to the next one where some of the folks who had tickets missed coming out next time, for the size of the kitchen, I think we were pretty full

I learned that when I need to be talking as much as I did, that 3 batches of jam or jelly is one to many, and I am so! grateful for the help I got from some lovely folks who are regulars on my facebook canning group, they stepped up and gave me a helping hand in the hands on part so that I could keep talking.

14344866_1092659324102930_7875616549986595314_n                         (this photo is credited to the Deep Food Hub, not one of my own)

Everyone got to take home their jams, I had to laugh because I am positive that the Kiwi turned out very thick and that the berry turned out thin, but its hard to be as careful as normal while talking, listening and answering questions..

None the less, they should taste great.. I was so very impressed wit the folks that came out to this.. they kept me hopping on the questions, I loved that.. it was such a positive and spread out group.. we had folks that had canning knowledge but it was older and needed updating, we had total newbies that have never canned at all, and we had hard core waterbath folks that wanted to safely move over to pressure canning and we even had a few that are pressure canning that wanted how to tweek this an that to get better results.

I could never have planned for so many things to be covered that the questions brought out..  and I truly felt that everyone had the chance if they wanted to do so to make sure they were heard and ask anything related.

I  have gotten a number of positive feedbacks since.. which just made my day!

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