Fire.. Fort Mac


Thank you to everyone that is working on the front lines in the Fort Mac area..  this fire is been beyond anything that anyone could have expected.

This is a brief update.. My Father is safe in a work camp, over a hour away from the fire..  My Mom who was visiting my Big Brother and Family was able to drive out with help to my Aunties and should be able to make the rest of the trip today to her home.. My Big Brother and Family got out ahead of the evac orders both for the city and for their own home and area..

I am grateful to here that my friends brothers are safely out.. my friends daughter and family are waiting for a flight out, after have been moved first to the camps..  They will be safe soon, I am grateful to hear that my cousin’s husband is on his way home from the camps and will safely home very soon..

For the tens of thousands that are still waiting for news that their loved ones are safe, have a way out and still need to arrive.. you are in my thoughts and prayers.

To my friends (with a special note to Jenn) who are working this front line.. stay SAFE!

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3 Responses to Fire.. Fort Mac

  1. valbjerke says:

    Such a mess – my son in law made a late night fuel/food rescue run up there to get his mom, sister and kids out. My daughters house north of Edmonton is full to the brim with evacuees, as is her large travel trailer – her neighbors have also opened up their homes and taken in more people. My daughter is still offering food, showers, laundry to anybody who needs to stop and rest.
    Both my kids lived up there at one time – I’m relieved they don’t now, and sad for those that have nothing to go back to.

  2. Bill says:

    Prayers and all best wishes for safety and peace.

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