Every Now and Again.. we need a do-over

I know its not just me.. everyone has a day or a hour where they just wish they had a do over.. you know those days, you struggle to get up, or you fly up to deal with something and somehow.. somehow on that day, its seems like little things add up..

Sometimes its totally out of our control but sometimes I feel like we do it to ourselves.. Hear me out..

So this morning, I woke up on time but I had decided that I would not take any pain meds despite a heavy busy, active and work heavy weekend, I wanted to get a idea of where I was at, and the answer was sore.. but my arm is healing, which makes sense as I had booked at medical appointment to have follow up so it improved a lot before it..

None the less, it was a slow and sweet start to my Monday.. right until my hubby said.. o by the way, when I was out with the dogs, Bullwinkle is not in his safe, warm hut, he is outside in the back corner of his pen.. and I was up and snarling..

Now, in my mind, I have been relaxing and to be honest, just playing on the computer, I had assumed that if there was a issue, he would have told me when he came in the house.. not 45 min later…  I knew I had to get up at a certain time to do his feeding..

Now I am up and the questions are firing.. did you check him, is he warm, is he dry, is the bedding dry..  and the answer comes back, he did not check on him.. and out the door I fly in my flip-flops (I am going to pay for that later) and I go into his pen and he is up and coming.. GOT MILK.. I give him a check over and he looks and is acting great but as will happen when switching from whole raw milk to powdered milk, he is loose stooled.. its yogurt thick and I am already treating him to be on the safe side..

But there is only one way to make sure he is doing ok, and that is a thermometer check, let me tell ya, he was not happy about where it needed to go and so he said.. want to check my poo.. here let me give you a sample…  Ok, then..

Thankfully, no fever, temp is normal.. excellent!  We had moved him to a pen close to the house with shelter in it, now that shelter fits a sheep or a goat perfectly but Bullwinkle would not go in the right way, he needs to go in and turn sideways and then curl up, as he is already bigger then most of my sheep or goats but he was in lock down and not going to the big barn till he pasts his health checks..  and so with the way he was laying, he was getting rain drops off the roof on his butt..

which bothered me.. ALOT, now I am sure that other folks would have said.. he will move.. but me.. I go.. he is going to get damp, and then he is going to get chilled and then we are going to have a sick calf.. so late yesterday, I said to hubby, we need to move him, and I wanted him moved to a pen that was still in need of a big time spring clean out from winter deep pack but its had everything else I wanted, a bigger hut, closed pen, tree’s and a big wall for wind protection but area for sunshine an so forth..

So we cleaned out the bedding enough in the cold spring rain and we bedded everything down and we moved him, because otherwise, I knew I would not get a good sleep.. so I went to bed with a well feed calf sleeping in his bedded hut..

Which is why I came up like a growling bear at the news that he was laying in the back corner and having no answers as to WHY and is he ok.. and he is just fine..

So I sigh, look down at my soaked wet feet that have had liquid stuff seep into my flip-flops and I turn and start to walk out of the pen, and my foot slips in the rubber and woof, the legs go out, my butt hits the ground, well not really, it hits a nice soft deep pack wet bedding and I am soaked just like that.. and I reach my hand out to push up and it slides into duck poo..

Now I figure I had three choices -Cry (please, over poo.. not) Laugh (which I will be honest, would be more normal response) or scream- Yup, that’s what I did, I let loose a short sharp very primal scream, and then I let language fly.. o I was creative and it was colorful but it won’t be repeated on the blog.. its as very 18 plus LOL

and then I got up and went in the house and straight to the shower, a pile of wet, dirty and poo covered cloths went to the floor and me and my flip-flops went into the shower..


Now I sit, dressed for the second time today with a hot cuppa LOL  I am officially pushing a do over starting right now 🙂


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4 Responses to Every Now and Again.. we need a do-over

  1. Rough morning. I hope the rest of the day went better for you.

  2. loridorchak says:

    Yes, we all have those days when we need to hit the reset button but it’s good you can laugh about it now … or at least grin, a bit 🙂

    • Even as it was happening, I could see the humor to tell the truth, not the calf and the possible issues there but by the time I hit the ground, I went.. Really! and a part of me went.. this is going to be funny at later time.

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