Introducing Bullwinkle, the new Beef calf

Bullwinkle is a week old dairy-beef cross bull calf, we picked him up and hauled him home, he has been feed a few times already and is a nice close to the house pen, one to keep very close eye on and two, because will not be moved to the barn for a week in regard for health checks etc



Lucky enough to buy my calves from local dairy just down the road, and I know that they get three days of mommas milk before being moved to general milk, makes a huge difference in health. Having said that, I have moved him to 4 feedings a day while moving over to powdered milk and to a bottle where he was on a bucket, its better for him to drink slower, work his nursing skills and create a lot more saliva etc


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7 Responses to Introducing Bullwinkle, the new Beef calf

  1. Now you’ll have to get a Rocky to go with your Bullwinkle; )

  2. What a find! I cannot buy bull calves (with beef stock in them) here for love nor money! And what a gorgeous picture of you and your new charge.. lovely.. c

    • its not easy locally either, can buy dairy so very cheap, can not buy beef calf until stocker age at all.. but this dairy breeds first timers and any of the older girls that will not catch in first two rounds of ai with dairy to their beef bull, so you let him know you want one and then you wait, and over the next weeks to a few months you will get the call, that one is born, and he will not let you take then till week old to get them good start, he rarely sells them, as they raise them but I have a good relationship and wore him down asking, and after proving I can raise them, he had some folks buy, lose the calf and then complain, as you know, newborns on bottles need lots of care, I am vey grateful that he trusts me enough to sell to me

      • They are tricky to get started that is for sure but MUCH better if they have had a week with their mothers then an experienced handler such as yourself.. WHO you know is key – that is for sure. c

  3. Claudia Oney says:

    what will you do with him?

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