Readers Convention- Mothers day

I love reading, I love books and I adore Romance, in all forms but I adore paranormal, the crossing of great si-fi writing with romance is mesh that when done right is outstanding. Romance the Capital was excellent!

while the timing of my event was poor in term of stress and not being in the right head space, the truth was that it was here, it was now and I had been saving and planning for this for a year


80’s night with a old and new friends!


Wild West night  🙂


six outfit over  three days and six different hair styles to go with each one.. more makeup and hair spray in 72 hours then normally in a year! I know it seems odd, but I forget on the farm at times that this was at one time the norm, back in my outside working days.. outfits and hair and makeup..




It was fun to step into that ‘roll” and play at it but man am I grateful that it’s not my day-to-day routine anymore.. I respect it and my hat is off to those that are doing it..

but I am grateful that I came home to the farm..

The farm has been busy while I was gone, new litter of buns, new hens sitting on nests, babies growing, 40 pounds of seed potatoes out, all the early crops have popped their heads up, asparagus and fiddle heads are up!

My big meat freezer quit working yesterday, never so glad that I have three and that we were only using two.. was able to bring the extra online and hubby moved everything over with no loss, but now I need to work at replacing the one that went down

Hubby gave me the best mothers day gift, a weekend away, a clean house, no farm chores, an afternoon of sleep and what sounds and smells like steaks and fixings for supper.

Happy Mothers Day Mom love you to the ends and back!



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