Grow Lights – Jan- Investing in the Farm 2016

This post is part of my Investing in the Farm 2016 Series.

One bigger ticket item that will reduce the farm work load, in some cases this means allowing myself to move over to power or gas tools, but only with non-power off grid backups in place as well. This ideally in most but not all cases should be something we have worked around for years and know we want. On the low end a big ticket item was gotten on a good enough sale to be  in hundred plus range but all planned or gotten big ticket items will range from hundred plus to 300 to 400 per at full cost plus tax.


This is my big-ticket item for Jan, I have for years gotten by with having hubby haul up my empty shelves, you see as fall comes you fill the series big 5 level  shelf’s in the cellar and as you eat them, they empty, and then they get shifted around and hauled upstairs to be used as seed starter and growing shelves. I expect the truth is, I will still need haul a few up, they are black and plastic and they cost a pretty penny, they are heavy-duty and should last us many years, but attractive they are not.

As we redid our living room last year, new floor, new paint and more, I sighed but knew that come later winter, it would change-up a bit, folk have commented that my living room becomes a bit of a green jungle in the spring, but I have the solar heating, huge windows and its one of the rooms that has the space.


This was the shelves after we got them home before we got the lights in and so forth.

But on my local plant group someone was offering to make and sell seed starting shelves, he would do it on the cheaper side with plywood or he would do it on the more costly with locally harvested hard wood from his wood lot and even better, he was willing to do some for cash now and some for farm gate sales for later.

I will be honest, I might have bulked more if I had to buy it cash outright but with the fact that I can grow my farm gate sales items he is interested in, it means that I can pull the cost down to a reasonable one. I am not saying it’s not worth the asking price- it is.

However when on the farm, and in the lean mode of winter months It made a difference at being able to say yes!

So we added in a lovely hand-made seed starting kit to the living room, Right now I have it up on a perfectly size coffee table but hubby will make me a base for it, one that I will be able to put storage boxes under it, it looks great.. He was kind enough to put a lip on the top shelf, which is great as I will at some point, move plants up top as well.

If you are interested in a unit for yourself, he makes single, double or triple units and he is in Ottawa proper, drop me a note in the comments and I will be pleased to connect you to him.

Its early for starting yet but I have a tray of greens planted, and I have little pots of herbs, greens, peas and others on the go now.


Ps, as a bonus, the lighting for the plants is also the perfect amount of lighting for my little house quail for laying so we have adjusted their pen as well so that its doing a dual purpose..

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4 Responses to Grow Lights – Jan- Investing in the Farm 2016

  1. rfmarion1 says:

    what lights do you use for your grow lights? I’ve been confused in years past about which lights work best for grow lights, and I’d like to find some at a reasonable price.

    • I understand, because the local grow lights are more costly then the full daylight bulbs, we cheated and picked up a set of each, and each light has one full day light bulb and one grow light bulb, If for some reason we find that the plants grow uneven (which has not happened yet) I would just shift the trays side to side.. I have friends that only do the daylight bulbs and I have others that swear by the grow lights only. however what we all agree on is the new CFl lights do not work, they can start the seedlings off but they will not grow the plants proper which is to bad as they cost less to run but not if the plants will not grow

    • We got our lights for under 15 a set at the local feed store, so reasonable we thought, not the fixture, just the lights the fixture was gotten though a friend that gets a good deal as he is friends with the folks at the lighting store.

  2. judy says:

    Wow….your plant shelf is great looking….puts a shame on yours! LOL I had a giggle over your l.r. looking like a jungle by spring! Ours too but really don’t mind the earthy smell & anything green during winter is welcome.
    We use 4′ fourscent lights & bought for $30 including fixture at a feed store & resale outlets. Expensive but with care they last a while. Our homemade (free, made from scraps) vertical shelves are 20″ apart so that we can adjust our ligths on a chain system. Grow lights are too expensive for us. we painted our shelves with left over white paint so the lights reflect better too.
    What do you mean by new CFI lights…not up to date I guess! LOL Are daylights regular house light bulbs?
    We’re searching for the fixtures right now through commerical grrenhouse compaines & local elec. companies. Also check your local Homes for Humanity resale outlets….it’s great what you can find that others donate! CHEAP!!!!

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