Homemade Suit Cakes for Birds

Sometimes you need to do things the hard way and sometime you can do things the easy way..

While I guess that it would be easier to buy these (haha) trust me.. it would take me more time to go to town and never mind the cost savings. At my local Store’s, a single cake will cost you 1.99 Canadian at regular price, they do often go on sale or you can buy a pack of 3 at 4.99

However as the lard is from my boar, which means to me its totally free, as I would not be using that lard for house use, that is what my lovely female lard is for 🙂 and it cost me about 25 cents worth of scratch and 40 cents worth of BOSS (black Sunflower seeds) if I had not grown my own seed.


It took me a few min to measure 3/4th scratch grain, a mix of wheat, oats, barley and corn to 1/4th Boss, to which I added two pounds of just melted fat. Pushed it into pans and into the fridge they went. Can also use freezer if you want and after chilled up. I just cut them up into blocks, each block will go into a hanger or dish to help my fowl get though the very cold weather we are having at the moment.


I made eight of them for around a dollar and for 3 to 5 min worth of work time.. and I know that my birds will thank me..

Farm Gal Tip of the day- If you are new to homesteading and you are in cold climates, you need to learn what is the engine for your chosen critter. For my horse’s in the cold part of winter, I want them to stuff their faces with as much hay as possible as the hay is what keeps them warm but with my rabbits, I want to add a heaping spoon of BOSS per rabbit to give them that extra booster of fat from the sunflowers.

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2 Responses to Homemade Suit Cakes for Birds

  1. judy says:

    Brillant idea: our local hardware store charges $2.69/cake & the little cage to hold the cakes is $6.79. We make cages out of left over chicken wire & tie to a tree branch basically for free.

    Will sure make some! THANKS again for sharing!

    this isn’t so much for warmth but for boredom…. I tie dried corn (no chemical here!) bunch of herbs up for the hens to peck away at. They seem to love it! I’ve noticed it has stopped any egg pecking or ease off them pecking at each other. I guess we ALL get cabin fever so somehting new helps! LOL

    What breed of pigs to you rasie? Do you do your own butching?

    • They do love to have a little extra something to do in winter that is for sure.

      I have raised large blacks, they are my favorite but currently I have mixed heritage breeds.. I have raised a number of different kinds but never the commercial pinks

      I do a lot of my own butchering and I have done full pigs up to 400 pounds before but when I want to sell any part of a pig, lamb, goat etc, it must go to the butcher, in order to be allowed for farm gate sale, it needs its stamp as they say

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