Kombucha – Starting over..

I am honestly not sure what happened, I got my first Komucha’s and I did really well with them, they grew, they made babies, I drank the F1’s, love it and all was trucking along..

I got a hotel made and had big strong ones going.. I mean, for those that make komucha’s, you know just how lovely this girl was..


And then last fall, I went away for six weeks and when I came home, both my hotel and my second baby had mold on them.. and if you have mold on them.. it was not a little bit..it was hello.. we are growing and everything was effected..

I sighed and threw them out and scrubbed the jars and thought, I will get a new one soon..

Well my soon turned out to be much longer then I expected.. weeks turned into months.. but finally a new small but stout young lady arrived on the farm.. she came fast and sassy but with very little tea (she has eaten it up) and I made my tea and put her in and set her into her spot and crossed my fingers.. she took her time getting going, she always looked good but did not see much signs of a baby, so I made myself walk away for a few days and voila..


Look at that healthy, growing and doing well baby growing on top today when I checked, I will let it get big enough that in another few days I will move the mother to a gallon jar and the baby to a half-gallon and soon enough I will be back into production. I am craving it as a drink in this winter time..

I am also craving fermented foods and sprouts, so I know that its my body wanting some extra vit-minerals.

Folks seem to either really like it or they don’t.. I do not care for the store bought at all, I do not like the fizzy to date but I thought maybe just maybe, I will try a few new flavours and see if I can find something I do like that way. How about you? Yes or no?


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10 Responses to Kombucha – Starting over..

  1. Nicola says:

    I am not keen on kombucha, but I have recently started making Jun, which is related. I love the jun, it’s light and floral. Let me know if you’d like a scoby :-).

  2. Frostie says:

    Love my kombucha. I use frozen fruit during the 2nd fermentation. Cherry is my favourite. I bought a jar of GT’S original and grew my own scoby in a couple weeks. I use green tea.

  3. meixinmom says:

    Looks good–I haven’t tried kombucha and don’t know anyone who has.

    • my mom bought some from the store it was the fizzy fruity second ones, I really did not like them, but I will try and see if I make my own and see if I can find a some I like. but I do love the orginal, it tastes like apple cider to me. five years ago, I didn’t know anyone but now at least a dozen friends who have it now

  4. ForestFun says:

    I love fermented foods and beverages so when I started working at a place that made kombucha in-house, I was thrilled. Unfortunately, it doesn’t agree with me. I become nauseous within 30 minutes of drinking it. I have had some commercially produced fizzy ones and I have a similar reaction plus the feeling of being a little inebriated. I am the only person I’ve encountered that has this reaction. The house-made ones at my job always smelled great as they use lots of seasonal fruits and herbs but multiple attempts have me believing kombucha is not for me.

    • Hi Forest Fun, Wow, glad you figured that out quickly, I have made a few f1’s that I felt had a bit of a punch to them, making me feel like I drank a nice glass of wine but I have never had any issues with it making me sick . Glad you are enjoying the smells at least : Thanks for sharing that, so that if others try it and react, they know that it can happen.

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