A Winter Morning..

Well, I let the hounds out that bounded with energy, I was in my huge warm flannel  gown wrapped in my homemade blanket shrug with my amazing hot socks..


Farmgal Tip of the Day, Marks Work Wear House T-Hot Sock are the best! I love these thick, heavy and so warm socks, I have tried wool ones, hand knitted and so forth, I like the homemade ones, but for farm work, and for warmth, I have a week supply (ok more then a weeks) of hot socks,  Like all socks, if you have worked hard enough to sweat in them, when you get in the house change into a dry pair.

I have made my hubby sick, sorry to my big guy, he almost never gets sick but when it hits, he is down and out, so I started morning chores, no one was really hungry, no knickers, no baaaing, the goats refused to get out of their warm bed etc. They let me get lots done before strolling up for their morning feeding.


So I checked feeders, checked water (I love that we have a water tank heater, makes such a difference to know that the pasture critters all have ice free water, the two horses drink enough that with the sheep, and goats that we needed to move from our warm from the house water x times a day to being able to keep the tough filled.. we still haul to the barn, and when they start lambing, it will add much more to the work load


The morning started out very pretty indeed and lighted up into this amazing frost and snow filled world.. I will enjoy it while I can, as they say, freezing rain is on its way.

P1050539 (2)


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3 Responses to A Winter Morning..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Gorgeous photos FG!
    (Message sent your way: )

  2. That shot of the horses is just wonderful.. c

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