Second Hand Score.

Just love this new to me second hand hutch I picked up for 15 at the local second hand store, that was one of there higher priced items, I have seen over the years but so worth it.


it fits with just inches to spare in my pass though space and while I will need to put up a curtain wall on the backside of the living room, I like it..  will get doors made for the open bottom area.


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1 Response to Second Hand Score.

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    15$? You can’t beat that for a bargain!
    Looks like solid oak doors : )
    Nice score!!
    Don’t you just LOVE IT when there’s some minor thing that needs work and that makes the price so teeny-tiny?: )
    MacGuivers of the world, unite!! LOL

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