Throw Away a 100 things challenge..

You know that challenge, throw away a hundred things and declutter your home..

Well, lets see..  Farmgal has a bad habit of buying 1 or 2 dollar boxes at the farm sales, I only want one thing and I might find a extra or two that can be used, gifted or put away as a repeat of a known to use and will wear it out..

The rest.. well the rest tends to sit, somewhere in the house, Cellar or outbuildings..


Throwing away a hundred things.. I am in fall clean mode.. We are replacing the lino in the kitchen, which lead to replacing the sub floor in the almost 100 year old part of the house, and that meant deep cleaning, and if you are going to deep clean, and paint and put down new lino and new base boards and so forth..

And… you rented a huge (as in the biggest the dude had) garbage bin,, you might as well fill it.. so I am going though every drawer, every cupboard, every book case an so forth.. what can go, what can I give to second hand and what do I want to keep.

Turns out, lots to all three of those.. I am of the firm mind, two is one and one is none, it does not bother me to have six of something I know I need, use and wear out, if the new item costs x and I can pick it up for pennies or less on the dollar, but on the other hand, if its a magazine that I read ten years ago, have not looed at it five.. its time to go..

If its a cookbook that I read, and did not like the reicpes.. does not fit the farm.. it can go..

We are positive that if we do the whole house and outbuildings that we can fill the bin, when I ordered the bin, I thought I would be putting a good amount of scrape metal in it, dryer, fridge, washing machine, freezer but the gentleman that came and payed to haul my old van away.. also came back and took all of that, this opened up a huge! amount of room in the bin, and we are not wanting it to go to waste at all..

This will be the third bin we have rented for the farm in the 11 years we have been here.. this is the first bin that I feel is a clearing of OUR extras, the first two bins was all about cleaning up the farm, and boy did our old farm have lots of things to clean up..

So if you are in town, have you ever taken the 100 item challenge, and if so, was it as easy for you.. if you are on a homestead, are you of the mind that you keep everything, just in case, or are you of my mind set, clear what can not and is not being used, to make room for not just what you do use but many copies for them for when you can get them at farm sales, or on sale or barter and so forth.

I will not count how much is going but it would be safe to say, we have been successful at this challenge 10X over by the time we finish..

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3 Responses to Throw Away a 100 things challenge..

  1. dreamfarming says:

    We live in town. We lost a ton once when our basement flooded. The flood opened my eyes to what we really needed (Also the need for shelves in a basement). We had so much crap down there and I didn’t feel a need to replace most of it. I have been really vicious about what gets to stay. We were holding on to clothes that don’t fit, gadgets we don’t use and projects I’ll never finish. I always have a box or bag on it’s way to the second hand store now. When ever it’s full I throw it in the car. So far I haven’t gotten rid of anything that I regretted or wanted back. I am enjoying the empty space more than the stuff that used to be there.

  2. grammomsblog says:

    Recently, I culled through my 8 tall bookshelves and donated 13 boxes of books to the book fair. It felt like such a relief! I also culled through my bedroom cupboards last spring and emptied them – I stored the ‘must keep’ items on shelves in my bedroom closet. I had to donate several bags of clothes in order to make room……….. another bonus!
    This fall’s project is to go through my kitchen cupboards and donate/sell everything on the top shelf (that I can’t reach anyway!). Most of this stuff was my in-laws which we ‘inherited’ after they died. I also have some very large items to give away like several TVs that my kids used to play video games on before they grew up and moved away from home.

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