Compost.. another farm impute 2015

This one has been a pain to track over the spring, raw compost for certain projects gets one price,  compost -1 or 2 year gets a different price and compost that is 3 to five plus that is now really, rich black soil, gets a third price..

I have looked online at three local sources for the compost and the dirt, and looked on local groups for the average cost of the year and under, and or looked at the cost of straw for that bulk in volume.

Then we measured the new wheel barrel and then tracked the loads for March, April and May..

ok so six of our wheel barrels for black soil – aka triple mix not including delivery locally is 150.

However, that only matches our poorer quality home compost, our good stuff is on par with what the locals call gro-max and its 180 per six of our loads, not including delivery

The rough stuff, was counted as a mix of most basic at 149 and chip mulch as we use softwood chips in certain areas of the farm at 180..

So for march and April, we used 1920 worth, and then we kicked up a knotch in may (and june)

In May, we used  produced on the farm that is we had bought locally in bulk 1705..

Some of the delivery cost are included in the price but it would have been a surcharge as we are out of the range,, for a flat 300 if we got it all at once..

that makes for a grand total of 3922, I am totally blown away! and yes I have checked and rechecked my math.. we think nothing of doing load after load after load after load because its there and that is what its job is once composted..

in the hard push in the first two weeks of june, we use just a touch over a thousand more..

Wow.. who knew that compost, soil and mulch could be worth so much!!


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3 Responses to Compost.. another farm impute 2015

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Uh… Okay, so NOW do you remember how many times I’ve told you I have “Compost Envy”? ; )
    Funny thing is, what you’re doing is what people have done for centuries (have livestock, make manure/ use manure, get amazing crops in return, LOL!
    Me, I like the natural cycle of how things “work”… It’s just too bad the Bigger is Better Bunch don’t get the logic of it though, hey?; )

    • I hear ya Deb, I was shocked at how much the cost is locally I can only assume that its close to the national average, given my girlfriend in alberta said it was about the same there.. and yes, I know, I know, you have said it before LOL.. look at the size of that strawberry plant 🙂

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Ha! LOL, What I’m really looking forward to is seeing some pics of the berries that come off of those Monster Plants: )

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