A bit of a garden an farm update!

This is the new Melon Garden, each side is four feet wide, and the fence to climb is four feet high, and we will trim and add to the sides as needed for growth.. 27 melon plants in their for Hubbies, Melon land race growout for 2015, there are nine different kinds in there. all short season plants, all heritage plants of course, but with a great deal of mix between flesh color, taste and texture as well as size, we will see what we like, and what the crossing produces for us 🙂


This is a update on the Carouby De Maussane Snow Peas, the earliest planted are pushing seven feet in height, they are in full bloom now, and they are showing just how pretty the flowers are, and they change color as they age..



I look forward to all those flowers turning into these big peas.. We have green tomatoes forming on some plants, there are peppers in flower and some are starting to form, there are so many greens, the strawberries are coming now..



The overwintered turnip are setting seed.. so many self-seeded greens, radishes, mustards, are just popping up 🙂


Kales, Beans, and more Peas. o my..


The Comfrey is huge, I keep harvesting parts of it every other week, but its not holding it back at all..


She is trimming the trees, and is doing a great job at eating things that the horses and sheep have not been eating but its funny because the lamb flock follow her and they are trying new plants because she is eating them.. makes me laugh..


Juno is doing great, settled in with the sheep flock, and is part of the flock..


New ducklings hatched on the farm, I knew that the male that I put with this female was older but she is just one plus, she sat on a full nest but he was not doing his job that well.. so we only got two ducklings, I butchered him and I hope that we will get hens but if not, I will use one of the new drakes in breeding before butcher, I did get one chocolate -white and one black-white.

DSCN6557 (2)

Whiskey only full wool ram lamb is doing awesome, I am so impressed with everything about this boy.. Boy was it fun to hand sheer his mother, we are still working on it, but she is about 60 to 70 percent done.. now we just need to clean up..


The Giant Pumpkin mound are growing really well.. Very pleased


On the other hand, I am whimpering at my planned butternut mass growout.. the mounds are made, the area is ready and they are just starting out so slow, there are in fact 70 seeds planted out, but so far, only six have popped their heads up.. I keep checking and watering and checking 🙂

A newly put together bed, a mix of eating plants, medical plant, it should be very pretty when it fills in. There is lots more but it can wait for another day..  Everyone had a great day, and do get your hands in the dirt if you can..




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9 Responses to A bit of a garden an farm update!

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Yup, Juno’s a keeper (glad to see that Manitoba Maple’s good goat food; ) and Whiskey’s looking great.
    And LOVE your solar Garden Snail: )
    But, chillax on the Squash mounds though, hey? Slowly, but surely, Summer is coming and your seeds are in the right place to grow like crazy (once they get around to it; ) and, if not; well that’s gardening/ farming for ya – sometimes crap happens… GrandMa’s mantra was: this too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too… ; )

    • lol, this is the first year where I am growing as part of mass garden growouts for saving seeds and when its related to them, I am as twitchy as a cay in room full of rocking chairs, if it was just about me, I would have just replanted them

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Is that not a possibility with this exercise? Is anyone else growing these and having similar difficulty?

      • no more seeds to be had, and only got one report back from others to date and they took a bit of time (but not as long as mine) and have outstanding germination..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Sheesh! Well lol, then I guess this is an exercise in patience as well as a grow out; ) Meanwhile it’s another gorgeous day and they MUST be feeling the tug to put down roots and poke their heads out by now. : )

      • I watered them well this morning, and we have one more seedling coming up in a new hill.. but hope you are right 🙂

  2. Marie says:

    We had a squash growing problem here too. I have no idea what the heck happened. Some were simply not popping up or maybe they were getting eaten as they came out? My sister fixed the problem by cutting 2L pop bottles in half and placing them over the seeds as mini greenhouses. Problem solved. We took them off when the second leaves came in.

    • I think the issue was that we used really dry pig turned compost, and so it took me longer to soak the big hills enough that everything started to sprout, I was worried about it but there are over fifty up now, just another 20 to go ideally.. but they really did take their time, I had planted in other areas with the same material and they were up in five to seven days where these are taking two to three weeks.. hope once they start they get it into gear..

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      Great idea solves the problem for either cutworms or insufficient heat for germination. But… You’d really have to watch that you didn’t fry the little darlin’s too eh?; )
      Dad always used a newspaper cuff around his starts to foil the cutworms; I even used a bunch of our rusty old, castoff nails for sprouted beans once; but eggshells are much easier… Pretty much anything works; just so the little Nasties can’t wrap themselves around the stem; )

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