Rhurab Goals for 2015 – 300 pounds

I have set goals for a number of the bigger crops in terms of poundage, it would not make sense to do so without having a idea of what things produce.  otherwise I will have little to no way to meet my goals for production this year, I am aiming for 6 tons for house use and putting up for cellar or pantry goals, and 4 tons for the critters.


Rhubarbs goal for the year is 300 pounds and I am clearly going to make it and then some.. I have 30 plants, and even only doing a half picking of the big stems on them, I am getting between seven to ten pounds per plant so far based on my weights.  I will be only very very lightly picking the biggest stems from my two best plants that are being allowed to go to seed side by side.


The red rhubarb will be used for baking, canning etc, the big green-pink will be used for relish, rhubarb pickles, rhubarb juice and so forth.. This is my BIG canning bowl, that is 40 cups of diced, washed and ready rhubarb for processing.


I have firm plans to take a second picking and then some selective picking over the rest of the year..   I will do a final update in the fall on rhubarb total but my spring pickings are going very well indeed..

What is your rhubarb goals for the year..


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2 Responses to Rhurab Goals for 2015 – 300 pounds

  1. Sheri says:

    I had a pretty good harvest from my rhubarb last year and I’m not sure I even want to harvest any this year, kinda like a “sabbatical” year for them. The strawberries are gearing up for a very bountiful year and I think that will be enough for me to take care of.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Never kept track, to be honest… We have three clumps of Rhubarb and harvest what they’ll sustainably give us (depending on the year) but, usually enough to get sick of it while it’s fresh, plus enough for crisps and pie for the freezer. This year looks to be a bumper crop and I’m looking at making some syrup for fizzy drinks, and maybe even a batch of relish; )
    This is slightly off topic, but here’s a link from a comment on Bill Guerrant’s latest post, “A Good Day on the Job”, https://practicingresurrection.wordpress.com/2015/05/23/a-good-day-on-the-job/) …
    An article (written from a south-of-the-border PoV) about the history of (his) farming ancestors http://daily.jstor.org/farming-ancestors/?utm_source=marketing&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=twittermoring

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