Top to Bottom Challange

So for the next ten weeks I am going to add in a heavy duty house cleaning, I missed the fall cleaning, and I have both wow garden plans and wait for it..

DSCN0744 (800x600)

Road Trip! Coming my way

2013-01-01 580 (600x462)

My mom and dad are planning on coming to the farm for a month or so visit.. o my. O my..

My darling mother is a everything in its place lady, and me.. well, me.. hmm see below


They are bringing their fifth wheel, and the wee doggies, I have purrpots bigger then my mommas wee Chihuahuas are.. πŸ™‚

DSCN0764 (600x800)

So far the requests are..

Dad, ride, and ride some more.. but lets see if we can also sneak in some fishing for him

Mom, dippy farm egg on homemade bread..

Formal request : Make more food..

Qoute. Daughter, you are the only one I know that can make a meal, just enough for supper and one meal for hubbies lunch..

hmmm .. ok then, Its been formally requested that I keep more prepared food available..

Maybe, I should bake something extra each week and put it away..

Mom likes lots of choices, I tend to make one thing and then we eat it, and then I make something else, so while there would be cookies cake or muffins..Β  there tends to only be one, mom likes something for ten tea break, somethings else on the 3 tea break and not only dessert but evening coffee..


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9 Responses to Top to Bottom Challange

  1. Sheri says:

    (Val’s Mantra: Say this over and over until you are convinced! ):Trust your mother, she loves your nest, let her clean it and let her do the cooking for you, a mother wants to be needed and loves to fulfill this for her children!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Your parents are coming?! WooHoo! That’s WONDERFUL news!!
    First thing that comes to mind for all the prep work here – whether cleaning, baking or whatever – be sure to pace yourself! But, you’ve got at least until Spring, right? I mean, your Dad’s not going to dig that fifth wheel out of a snowbank and drive here until the snow’s gone, right?
    Re double batch (painless baking; ) Yup, good idea – freezers love it!
    This is such good news. SO excited for you guys!: )

    • Hi Deb, they will not be coming till spring breakup in alberta for the pipeline, it will very much depend on the spring on if snow is still here or not but it would but it would not slow my dad down much if there is some. That has them here during may for the garden and planting etc

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Hey, then Sheri was right! Having your Mom (and Dad; ) there to help out with the meal prep will be a HUGE help while you two are so busy with planting!

      • While it is possible that mom might give a helping hand in the kitchen if we are all working, most of the time, she directs and I do the cooking, even when I go home, I tend to do most of the cooking, so we will see..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Hmm, maybe you should hold off on that freezer-stocking thing; )

      • Talked to my mom this morning, she made me laugh.. She said she read the comments but could not figure out how to answer without seeming rude..

        But in a nut shell, she says.. I am on holidays, and I expect to be treated as a honoured guest in your home.. pull out all the stops, momma is coming to visit.. πŸ˜›

        On the other hand, I did get invited to come with them on a surprise part of the holiday and hubby said yes, I will tell more later!

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