Reader question -Blog hops

Hello Dear Readers of my little farm blog, I need your impute,

Do you blog yourself

Do you like Blog Hops

Would you be interested if I hosted a homestead blog hop

Anything food, homestead, critter and or garden related would be welcome

Would this be a good thing or a bad thing for my blog

It would only be one day a week, not sure on the day yet..

Thank you to everyone who gives me feedback on this..

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10 Responses to Reader question -Blog hops

  1. Cate says:

    Hi Farmgal — I don’t have my own blog but a weekly “blog hop” sounds fun. More to learn šŸ™‚ I enjoy reading your wonderful blog

  2. Sheri says:

    I don’t even know what a Blog Hop is!

    • Thank you Sheri for your question, or is that comment.. either way, good point, I did a very poor job on that did I not..

      Blog hop is when a blog (in this case just another day on the farm) pays a link up company to be able to use their software to create what is called a Blog Hop..

      Once a week, I would put up a post with my blog hop rules and a post on something homestead related and at the bottom of the post would be the blog hop link up..

      This would allow any other homesteading blog to share a post there.. they would be able to put up a small photo, and simple one sentence write up on what the post is about..

      This would allow you, my readers and my fellow bloggers to be able to see what others are writing about.. if the post linked does not interest you, you just scroll by, if it does interest you.. you clink on it, it takes you to their blog to read it..

      At its heart its a way to link blogs of the same type of info together, but for me at least, It would be another way to promote homesteading information in a free format for my readers and while anyone from around the world would be welcome to post, I am hoping that I can also promote the idea of being able to find more Canadian homestead bloggers.

      If my readers feel that this is something that would interest them, then I am willing to try it, I would be looking at a once a week on a certain day only.. I want it to be part of the blog, but in NO way to I want it to BE the blog..

      • Sheri says:

        Okay! It’s a way for you to have “friends” and share them! But isn’t this what you already have? To the right of this post I’m doing is a “Blog Hop” that is titled “Post Card From the Farm Hop”. When I click on it it takes me to a different blog.

    • Yes, she is hosting a hop and I am a member that posts, but I am thinking of hosting my own hop here on the Just another Day on the farm, when I started blogging four years ago, you could find a homestead blog hop for every day of the week, now.. there is just a few of them, lots of folks post, but there are just fewer folks hosting..

      I think its because it does cost a fee, so perhaps some have chosen to stop as it has a cost.. but in truth, I find so many blogs now, seem to want to make money..

      Now do not get me wrong, I AM GRATEFUL that I can post when I have the odd thing for sale.. pork, lamb etc.. but I post info about the odd once to four times a year for farmgate sales.. Where so many blogs now seem to be trying to make money every single day in some way..

      I am not saying they can not go for it, but it does change the flavour of reading their blogs, instead of it being a kind of online journey, it becomes more of a sell..

      I can always tell within reading for a few posts or weeks, if they are writing for the passion of sharing the homestead or if they are hoping to mix pleasure with business if you know what I mean šŸ™‚

      I fully support all bloggers offering things for sale now and again.. a cookbook they wrote, a calendar if they have that magic eye for photos, a amazing reader did a book of letters from her readers, beautiful..

      But there is a difference between the ones listed above vs, the ones that have written posts to sell their readers something..

      Even that is not true all the time.. sometimes I read a post and the readers ask for it to be made for sale, that is very cool when that happens..

      But when the site becomes more about the ads, and the slick upsale, that is when I do not care for it much anymore..

      • Sheri says:

        Yes, I have seen this happen on a few blogs I’ve followed. Several I’ve already stopped subscribing too.I only follow about 5. You, Northwest Edible Living (She’s here in Washington State), Kevin at a Garden for the House (Up State New York, he’s doing the cookbook thing), And Here We Are (This young lady from the US is traveling and living in Europe with her husband & little girl and she has just published her cookbook). There’s another one but I haven’t got a post for a very long time. Each and everyone of you are so different but all have a passion for the earth, the animals and “Good Food”!

  3. mavis hickford says:

    Iwould like to see more of how you pick a wild product and use it in different ways and also more home remedies for aches and pains. I would not be adverse to good recipes either.

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