Dang Geese Straw bale housing

I moved the geese this winter to two huge outside pens, providing a lovely enclosed three sided A frame wooden hut for them with straw bedding.. its huge, a full sheet of plywood in length, will they use it


Its so cold right now I have been all grrrrrr but I do NOT want to give them a stall in the barn again this year, they did not like it, I did not like it etc

So as I glared at them and their lift a foot, hunker down in the open dumb bleep-bleeps

I put my thinking cap on and yesterday. they got  straw bale instant shelter built right where they want to bed down.


Its pure function, nothing pretty about it, put up a solid back, two bales of straw for height with another piece of solid wood on top as a roof and the middle get some nice clean bedding to keep them off the snow.

After looking at it, I added in two more bales to create a 3 quarter wall in the front with a doorway..

So will they use THIS!


Why, yes they will and very pleased about it they were! there now, I can stop worrying that they are cold and without proper shelter

If there is one thing a farmer figures out pretty quickly, if you are willing to lock up your critters, yes you can make them do things but when they are given a choice.. its all about making it work for them, cause otherwise, they will not use it.



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1 Response to Dang Geese Straw bale housing

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    LOL, a straw goose igloo! : )

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