Current Seed list for 2015

BeNot in order, just how I am typing them in at the moment.

  • Squash- Golden Hubbard
  • Watermelon Sugar Baby
  • Waternmelon Early Canada
  • Brussel Sprouts- Long Island Improved
  • Kale- Dwarf Curled Scotch
  • Peas Alaska
  • Peas Lincoln Homesteader
  • Broccoli Munchkin
  • Aspragus seed viking
  • Pumpkin-Jack o lantern
  • Cantaloupe Delicious
  • Cucumber- Straight eight
  • Green onion Annual Bunching
  • Squash- Early crookneck
  • Tomato-Roma
  • Tomato Rainbow Blend
  • Beets -Early Wonder
  • Tomatillos
  • Lettuce – Red speckled
  • Lettuce Salad Bowl
  • ¨Popcorn- tom thumb
  • Popcorn-mais soufflé
  • Dill Seed
  • Cabbage- Early Golden acre x2
  • Lettuce- Iceburg
  • Basil- cinnamon
  • Chicoree-
  • Pea Sugar Snap
  • Pea Lincoln Homesteader 100 gram-
  • Beets-Golden Detroit
  • Peas Green Arrow
  • Corn- Rainbow indian
  • Garden Sorrel
  • Cucumber- Straight Eight
  • Carrot- Scarlet nanates
  • Raddish- Cherry Belle
  • Pumkin Zucca
  • Squash- Golden Health
  • Zucchini – Dark Green
  • Pepper- Mini Bell Mixed
  • Pepper- Early Cal Wonder
  • Pepper Jalepeno
  • Amaranth Red Garnet
  • Tromboncino Rampicante
  • Broccolo larose
  • Cavolfiore
  • Caulflower- Snowball
  • Bean- Orca
  • Bean-Hopi Black
  • Bean-Provider
  • Bean- Wild Goose
  • Bean- Cherokee Trail of Tears
  • Bean-Bird Egg
  • bean-Canadian wonder
  • Bean- Romano
  • Bean- Jacobs Cattle
  • Bean Black Turtle
  • Bean Saskatchawan Dry
  • Bean- Ireland Creek Annie
  • Bean Black Valentine
  • Bean- Little Fields Special
  • Bean Fall Speckled
  • Okra Clemson Spineless
  • Okra- Burgandy
  • A number of self-seeding plants in the garden, plus seed potatos that will carry over for winter, as well as landrace farmgal squash seeds and tomato seeds. did not include flowers, herbs or fodder seeds in this list.

O yes, there is many gaps in there and that means lots of seeds to order and or pick up at the seedy Saturdays!! Some things are already planned, some ordered some are coming from friends but it still leaves lots of room for buying as well

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7 Responses to Current Seed list for 2015

  1. Sheri says:

    My Goodness! I have yet to grow a “Bean” like your Bean Black Turtle, which I buy and eat almost daily! Not sure which one’s a pole or bush. I can do about 6 types in my back garden. I tried growing “Summer Savory” last year and had very good luck. It’s a wonderful herb that I had never tried in any form in my life. I found out there is a Savory that’s perennial and they do term it a “Winter Savory”. Looking for some seeds for that one. Do put it on your list!
    Question: Last year you had Zucchini theft, how are you planning to deal with that this year?

  2. Where do you get them? 🙂 I’m putting together my order right now.

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