Turkey Veggie Soup Recipe

Got some leftover Turkey then this is a great soup to use it up, I had cooked off a whole turkey and then we pulled it apart and bagged it up for the freezer, a lot less room once its deboned. This soup is good as a soup but as you will see in what has been added its also excellent health wise on a cold winter day!

I took out half of a turkey breast, and diced it up..

In my big soup pot, I diced one large onion or you could do two med, added in two finely diced garlic, and a half inch of fresh ginger grated, I cooked this till the onion was just coming clear, and then I added in six sliced big stalks of Celery, two cups of leftover mashed carrots, or about what would equal 4 good size carrots if peeled and diced. and at least two quarts of chicken broth. Add your diced turkey at this point.

I wanted this baby to hum on the flavour, to that I added in 1 tsp of basil, 1 tsp of  dried nettles, 1 tsp of dried dill, 1 tsp of salt and half a tsp of pepper, half a tsp of mustard powder and a pinch of all spice.

Bring to a simmer and cook for at least a hour, I simmered mine for at least three hours, twenty min before serving, I added in two cups of this little cut round pasta but you can use any kind you want.

Once it was allowed to cook it helps thicken the soup up..  and you might need to add more broth when reheating, we did..


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