Warm temps..

Rain has come to the farm, it was a green Christmas,  my plans for dressing up the horses, rain, my plan for going riding, rain.

But today, o toady is overcast but its currently dry, there is only one big issue.. my whole farm thinks spring has arrived..

Birds are playing in the pond and breeding, rooster are Randy and chasing hens around the yard..

Sigh, and my poor garden, I have plants that are going.. hmmm, cold then warm, now spring rains..  to which I am going!! NO, NO!!! and in some cases I am bedding them down with straw to keep them without the light as much..

I am always amazed at how tough feverfew is.. but its pretty green is very temping to the birds..

However it has allowed one thing.. unlike the folks that are heading out for big boxing day sale, we are dealing with one thing today..  Poo!

Yup, we are going to give all the pens a once over, most of them have been done, but this warm snap allows us to get one more final clean up before we hit the deep pack method for the cold winter..

We will see what I have the energy for, I intend to do some compost adding to certain parts of the garden, cleaning all outside runs (as there is very little work left on the inside runs) and doing some small garden clean up..

If after all that, I have the energy, I am going to go do a couple wheelbarrel loads of horse poo pickup from the pasture and move it to be composted up by the front drive garden..

I will drag the camera around with me and we will see if I get anything worth sharing 🙂


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2 Responses to Warm temps..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh yeah! Dustin has been losing his mind today – trying to Humpty Dumpty anything and everything in sight – all day long… ):
    Already did the “one last cleanup before Winter”, but looks like we might as well take the opportunity while it’s here, eh?; )

    • We still have lots of garden-yard that could be helped with clean up but I now have the main things that need to be done.. done. which is awesome, it feels great going into winter now that I know that the must do get it done so ready for the very first early push of spring planting is ready..

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