Apple Season has arrived.. the first bushel was picked this weekend..

A bushel of apples was u-picked at my very close apple orchard, its mear minutes from the farm, there are two within ten min but this one is the closest and has many more kinds, 21 in total, plus plums, pears and peaches as well as crabapples.

2013-01-01 2643 (500x375)

of course I was asked to make a crumble and I will do a apple pie or two as well, some of us and some of gifts to dear friends who kids batted their baby blues and browns at me with a pretty please LOL

2013-01-01 2630 (500x375)

I will use most of this bushel for apple loaf, Apple pie filling, and other uses, then I will get another bushel or two for apple sauce making, hubby eat the last jar of our homemade sauce about ten days ago, a very rare thing in our house but as most will remember, we had a real apple shortage do to the weather last year, and the price went though the roof, so no apples where grown on the farm or available on the u-pick..

This year thankfully the price was normal, fresh local self-picked apples at 55 cents per pound, it takes up perhaps 30 min of picking time (that includes walking down to the kinds we like and back up the big hill (ok, I will not tell a lie, I slowly walked down and then went under the second gate and waiting on the main road for hubby to come pick me up, I was not GOING UP that hill LOL) and gas is next to nothing, I could if I really wanted to at some point in the future, take my horse and wagon how fun would that be!

They also sell some of the best apple blossom honey, so awesome, I often pick up a jar or two as xmas gifts but because they need to be all homemade or grown, I guess I this year it will be for me šŸ™‚




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2 Responses to Apple Season has arrived.. the first bushel was picked this weekend..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    LOL, that has to be the best excuse I’ve ever heard for keeping the Apple Blossom Honey for home use only (but Merry Christmas to you & DH!; )

  2. Sheri says:

    Beautiful! I love this time of year!

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