The hot wire is live!

While my big old horse babies are not nearly as happy as me.. ouch! when they touch the wire and the one line we have up will not help with the sheep, calf or pigs but it will stop my horse’s from putting their very heavy big old heads over the fence despite the top line of barbwire and pushing it down to eat on the other side, it will stop them from pushing the wire, which in turn is slowly pushing my posts as well.

We had gotten half the work done before I hurt my foot and then after we got so busy that it just didn’t happen but finally this week one pasture after another got wired and turned on live šŸ™‚ at the moment the whole outside area of all pastures are hot!

Slowly but surely we will work on getting hot lines set up lower down for the cross fencing for the sheep and pigs.

So I got a new video two weeks ago and while I do a little modification for my foot, I am doing Tai chi for balance and mobility and I love it! I am had never done it before, its slow and soft in many ways but it also does work at the same time.

It helps me feel better and by feeling better I am doing more each day..

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  1. Sheri says:

    True Story: Many years ago I had across-the-street-neighbor’s (migrating city folks) who owned the property next to our acreage. They built a huge pond with fish they fed by hand, planted specialty trees and had a finely manicured lawn. The only thing they didn’t do prior to all this was install a fence to protect it…..from my horse. There was a fence, a four strand barbed wire fence that my baby would lean into as she plucked the tender leaves off their specimen trees, completely stripped bare where her lips could gather! I have no idea what these trees were but my horse thought they were simply delicious! Well, they wanted to go on the war path with us, lawyers and all, and it narrowed down to the facts. Our fence was installed years before their pond and trees and they never participated in the 4-strand wire fence going in in the first place. If they wanted to keep their trees protected they would have to install a fence on their line themselves, at their cost, since we already had one, or move their trees where the horse can’t feed on them. They installed a 6 foot cedar fence that ran the length of 3 acres! It looked horrible because this was done in the rolling Sierra Nevada’s, very much like Texas hill country. I went back to visit the old place back in 2007, the pond, specimen trees and green lawn were all gone. In it’s place was a newer home, garage and U-shaped driveway. My old home & barn, painted barn red with white trim, and pastures hadn’t changed at all. Horses were out grazing in the pastures, swishing their tails at the flies. The 2 fences are still standing.

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