so busy! Helping Farmer T move

Without going into details that are not mine to share, and trust me this was all happening very fast indeed, my dear friend Farmer T and  Farm Helper one, two an three needed to move from their farm to a new place, thankfully still in the area

So first off, we have been Ah, and O my busy, to move a whole house and farm from one farm to another in a matter of days is a whack of work.. I have been helping as much as my foot will let me, which means I putter, I do errends and I make food 🙂 My dear man however has been much more active, and of course we also come home and need to look after our own farm an critters as well.

My horse’s broke a fence to try and see if they could figure out why their horse friends where not answering them from across the road and went visiting, Thankfully all ended well on that, but it also meant that we needed to find time to finish putting the hot wire on the top of the current fence, so far only the big pasture is finished but we have everything but the rest of the wire run for all the other pastures and it will be done this weekend.

Its a huge shock, and I have no idea who will buy the farm next door, its really my only “close” person, prayers that it will be someone who either fits or at least grasps or understands our life style, I have heard horror stories about issues with those that live around you, and I have been so lucky and blessed on the farm.

There might be a flurry of posts over the next while, I am taking photos of things, so I will get posts up at some point on different herbal things I am doing.. at some point

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One Response to so busy! Helping Farmer T move

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh my, thoughts and prayers for all…

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