can you believe these bean plants are only one month old

2013-01-01 2635 (500x375)

these are my four feet plus double rowed fences, the beans are thriving but need them to get busy flowering, should have another three to six weeks of harvest time. The other fence which is not growing as well, but they are in fact three weeks early planted and are in in full bloom. if I like these beans, next year I am growing them up a ten foot fence.

They are loving this soil, it was amended with rabbit poo and a bit of hard wood ash this spring, then grew pea`s, the pea vines where taken out, it was turned and raked and re-seeded with beans..

Speaking of things that are growing! the sweet potato slips are up at the top of the ten foot chain link and they have also gone sideways into the one pen, (which was empty and now stays that way because everything on the farm likes to eat this plant) by a good five to six feet along the ground as well..  I hope I get some sweets out of all the space I have given them


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5 Responses to can you believe these bean plants are only one month old

  1. dreamfarming says:

    Do you have to keep burying sweet potatoes?

  2. calliek says:

    I am still picking beans from the bunch I seeded in June- never had a bean crop like this one! I will have to check what the variety was but it also just might have been the conditions this year as the green beans I bought as generic seedlings also did very well, although the wax beans did not. I also harvested the last of the snow peas and most of the edemame. I planted two varieties of the latter from seed and sowed them a week apart- the later planting ripened sooner and were already turning yellow when I picked them last week so I shelled them and just froze the seed. The others variety is still producing so I am harvesting as they come and freezing them in the pods.

  3. Next year, I am STAKING the darn beans. They produced well, but our soil is often so moist that too many things rotted on the ground. I feel great that I got anything in the ground – but harvesting more sure would have been nice.

    My friend L in Ontario is going to send me some slips from her heirloom white sweet potatoes. I like them better than the orange ones and I’d like to try growing them.

    (And yes … I’m BAAACK! This is my first comment in ever so long!)

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