New Critter updates..

So as a followup, The ten year old ragdoll boy has a nice home, he is moving to a new place soon with one of the ladies that had been looking after him as a stray for the past couple years, which is great.. Still don`t know how he ended up lost in that neck of the woods..


But it brings up a interesting point, he was microchipped as a kitten by me but if you never update the chips info, and my information is not valid anymore, then regardless of the chip, there is no way to figure out where the folks that owned him are.. so there is no way to figure out if he was lost or left.

I have had no interest in Sunny, but that`s just fine, he has settled into the farm so well, he has joined the farm pride, he is welcome on the deck and he is a indoor and outdoor boy, when you are outside, he trails around with you.. Great kitty.. I will get a better photo of him outside.

Apple my new piglet is doing great! She is growing really well and her training it coming along very well, she has moved from the house to the main yard, she has her own pen that is viewable from the house, and she gets lots of daily interacts and she loves her pets and rubs to the point that she will fall over and give belly.. she needs to be a bigger before she moves to the barn, plus I am using her to root till the ground is frozen

I have a litter of growouts ready for breeding, I have second litter that is just a few weeks away from being ready for butcher, plus a litter in the middle of age, nice litter of nine buns an then two new little ones, all are doing well which is great! Total number of buns at the moment is 40, and trust me that is a lot of rabbit for the freezer, but given our lack of chicken, its a very good thing indeed.

The keets are doing great, I have two chocolate pied, and four more tradional coloring, I can only hope that some of them are female to go with my white male.. They are not allowed out yet, they don`t yet come to the whistle, which means there would be no way to get them to come back each day, so their training is still very much in process.

The ducklings which are not new to the farm but have been born here are doing very very well indeed, they coming up on ideal young butcher age.. I will not have many, I want to keep all the females, and the two biggest males, one chocolate and one black-pied as breeders for next year. I expect that it will mean that I only have two to four to butcher, my duck meat will be a much desired and very special this winter.

That`s about it for the moment..


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