The Sunflower Saga..

Ok, so lets just say it and get it over with..

NO! Just NO!

You should not replace sunflowers for corn in three sisters!

Grow the sunflowers on their own with a ground cover between then, that’s fine..

DO NOT, repeat do not believe the books that say, you can just replace them in the three sisters garden..

The sunflowers that are planted by themselves, are doing great.. they are huge and rocking it, the sunflowers that are interplanted with cucumber plants far enough between the plants that they don’t effect each other, are doing great..

The hills that where interplanted with squash, beans and sunflowers.. are a huge failure!

Massive! unbelieveable failure..

Its been a wonderful garden year, and just to prove the point, if I take the unproductive plants out of the hills and away from the sunflowers, they recover and produce like mad, while the ones left, are stunted and produce poorly..

If you are doing Three sister hills, use corn! Grow the sunflowers in their own rows..

2013-01-01 2574 (500x375)

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4 Responses to The Sunflower Saga..

  1. Hello Farmgal! I have never tried to grow sunflowers in place of corn in our Three Sisters gardens. I have tried planting pole bean seeds at the base of wild sunflowers, the way the Indians did, but I have not had luck with this, mainly because I never watered them, and we live in a desert land. The beans will not take without being irrigated, and I never wanted to divert water to that purpose, so they didn’t take.

    I am curious why the sunflowers failed? Did they collapse under the cucumbers?

    • It was not that the sunflower failed, its that having the sunflowers in the mix stopped the summer and winter sqaushs from growing, having sunflowers almost stopped the beans from growing and the sunflower itself is doing well but what was to grow with it.. didn’t.

  2. Deb R. says:

    Sunflowers are alleopaths. They suppress plants growing near them, kinda like black walnuts.

    • The books talked about them suppressing seeds starting near them, but a lot of books talked that they could be used in three sisters.. my personal experience is no they can’t and that the suppress continues well after the plant is growing and producing

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