I am in some ways very anti-Vaccine.. its true, and I know it..

But in other ways, I would have to be considered Pro-Vaccine..

This morning was one of those moments where I was glad that I had been pushed to doing a Vaccine..

You see, my folks never gave a vaccine to a horse, I was not raised with it, ferrier, you bet, vet out if needed, for sure, teeth floated.. Check. but Vaccines.. that’s a new thing..

I got my Brandy Girl and she was born local, and was ponied with a lead rope out a window from farm to farm, she had seen a vet at least once in her life but the odds of vaccines where not so good but she is a good girl, never really worried about it, she stay’s on the farm and rides in the local fields and forest trails, the only horse’s she really saw was those that live right by her at the other farms.

Caleb was different, he came with vaccines, and when I knew I wanted to take him off the farm and play, I found out that Vaccines and Coggins was needed.. so got a recommend for a top horse vet ,(that means I have five vets now LOL, the local vet, the horse vet, and in the city three different vets that are more tailored), we went over what I did and didn’t want to do and Caleb got more “protection” then Brandy because he needed it with what I was asking him to do off property..

Well there as been a outbreak of a disease locally and its deadly to the horse’s, the ones that have died and its been confirmed was a unvaccinated gelding with no travel history. Its not that close to me but its close enough.. and I will admit that when I checked and found out the both of my sweethearts are covered for it, as its one of the higher risk possablity’s in the province.. I did give a big sigh of relief.

Its the same as with the hounds and purrpots, I believe in core vaccines, they need their babe sets and then the followup adult set, after that, well, then I get more flexable on what I have control over, (our laws say that we must have X so many years) Some I do very little, maybe a booster every three years once or twice more in their life and then I consider them good.. Others, depending on what they do and where they are being taken to.. more is needed.

The sheep is a good example, I fought hard to NOT vaccine the adults but after three years of battling a health issue on the farm, which had sheep on it before hand, I had a choice, Vaccine the moms, have a healthy flock and allow the mom’s protection to protect the lambs (so they could be raised without needing the vaccine) or have unwanted suffering and even the odd death in the flock..

I choose to vaccine and its was the best choice, after treating the flock for a few years, I had seen no signs of the issue and have been able to keep back healthy replacement breeders that are unvaccinated but thrive..

Do I ideally want to get to the point that my whole flock is clean and does not need that vaccine, you bet.. but do I stand by my choices, for sure, my sheep can’t say to me.. Hey, can I get that needle so I don’t get sick.. they can’t say.. this ground is not healthy, I will leave it and go eat ten miles over.. I have a moral obligation that I must put their welfare over my “desire” to be vaccine free.

I view Vaccines, like I view Antibodics.. Use them as little as possible and be DANG happy that they are available for when I do need them.

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2 Responses to Vaccines..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    We are so lucky to have the choice, and options for both allopathic and homeopathic medicines.

  2. Sheri says:

    Excellent post. I made the choice to not give my kitties (in-door only) any more shots.

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