My New Milking Sheep to be..

Pleased to introduce you to ……..

2013-01-01 2586 (500x467)

Well, at some point, she will get a name.. her mom’s name is Coco, but I think as she is my first wool ewe, that I will find a unrelated “idea” for her, as my other breed of sheep has food or drink names.

She is a huge ewe, as a five month old, she is almost as big as my fully grown hair sheep, the ewe’s in the hair breed I have average 120 pounds as a female, she will grow up to be 200 plus.

She is a Arcott (a Canadian Breed of sheep) crossed with a Icelandic Ram, I got her for her mother’s awesome milking ability, and she will be trained as my new up and coming milk sheep, you see Dirty face is eight now.. she should I hope live to be 10 to 14 but she is getting up there in age for a sheep.

My New girl is a woolie as well.. she really show’s her dad’s genes in her coat, and its huge! She will also be the only one that when crossed with my new ram (who is Karakul-Icelandic)

2013-01-01 2585 (500x375)

who will produce wool babies, and I hope! that she will have at least twins each year, one to get the fleese on and one to turn into a sheepskin pelt!

I have plans for that wool, felting, felted soaps, learning to make yarn, learn how to naturally color the wool with plants that I have grown myself etc

Love my sheep, like that I can expand my flock in wool way to try new things, because the cost of a fleese is really high, and there is a learning curve, would rather use my own to learn on.

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1 Response to My New Milking Sheep to be..

  1. Sheri says:

    My Mother was big into this and made some of the most beautiful sweaters,vest and table linens. She learned to clean, card and spin, weave and knit her own wool blends and used natural plants to dye them. She tried so hard to get me into it but it just wasn’t for me. I’m a “huge” admirer and to this day when I go into a shop I always pick up the sweaters and breath deeply of their scent.

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