Introducing Miss Apple

I have been on the hunt for a new weaner piglet or two all spring an summer long, I have weaner piglets on kijji alert, I have had friends keeping a ear out, the cost on piglets this year is sky high locally, between triple to fours times higher then normal in my area. A normal weaner piglet in the spring flush, 40 to 60, this year 150 to 200, finally now in the end of aug, the price is coming down to 120, but most of those were at least a two hour each way drive, but yesterday on kijji piglets went up for under a hundred and less then ten min away.

Called and booked a piglet, but there was a downside to this, wee babe is just five weeks, not weaned, just taken off mom and handed to me..

The inside joke on her name is that when I asked if they were eating well, was told they are eating windfall apples, she is sturdy, she has a good temperament, she needs a bath but she is a pretty soft red with white band, she is a bershire-tamworth cross.

Because she is so little, and has not been properly weaned, she is in a big dog crate in my house at the moment, so that a very close eye can be kept on her, once she is bigger, stronger, eating well, and has been gentled, she will be introduced to the big pigs..

She was a very sad piglet last night, but she soon figured out the bedding was soft and comfy.. better pictures soon I promise

2013-01-01 2595 (500x375)

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4 Responses to Introducing Miss Apple

  1. Sheri says:

    Congratulations on your new pig. Sure you don’t want to name her “Fiona” after Fiona Apple the singer?

    • no, I like apple, if I end up keeping her as a breeding momma, she will be the apple of my eye, and if I end up eating her, having a food name is a gentle reminder of what one of her possible outcomes could be 🙂

      • Sheri says:

        Funny because when I read your post and saw her name “Apple” I envisioned her cooked with an apple in her mouth! I hope she becomes a breeding momma. I can see future names of Pippin, Ambrosia & Fuji!

  2. erikamay85 says:

    Aw, poor baby! I hate not weaning before selling! its so hard on the animal. Shes awfully pretty.

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