Went riding with a friend..


Very Proud of my girl today, she took Yvonne out on a nice hour long trail ride at a slow easy pace, This was Yvonne’s first horse ride (other then when she tried out her girl last week for a trial ride, and bought her new mare) in just over three years.

But this was the first off farm ride, we had a few things that needed tweeking, Yvonne is English trained and boy does she want those stirrips up high LOL, and her and brandy needed to have a talk about bit pressure..

Brandy being Brandy, just stopped moving forward until I -we could figure out what the issue was.

Once we figured out that she neededmore of a loose rein on her bit, and Yvonne could give it to her, everyone relaxed and a good steady ride was had afterwards.

Way to go Yvonne, so proud of you, can’t believe we didn’t get a photo! Next time.. It was a lovely day and visit, the horse’s did good, Caleb was a touch ouchy on his feet after the trim yesterday but he was a good boy none the less. He gets a rest day tomorrow..

I am happy that I have the confidence in my horse’s to allow someone else to come for a ride, that’s twice this month, first Mike, Nat and the wee one came out , and little girl got her first horse rides with both mom and dad while being lead around, she even sat all by herself on Caleb.. (sorry I do have photos but no permission to share them, should have snapped a photo from the back -side view, will do that next time 🙂

And today, I just forgot the darn camera, because I really wanted to a get a photo for her hubby, next time..  Yvonne got her own little sweet mare, and soon she will joining us for weekly rides over the summer, I am look forward to it



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