March 12- Bla, Bla, Bla

Ah, sorry for the title but that is how I felt on this day, we were hunkering down for a incoming storm that gave us another blast of winter and drifting snow..

So today was the first day where my mood dipped and I was just fussy, I know, I know, I am aware that I was whiny, it got cold, it got dark and the storm was coming, and I have just had it with this winter, I want sunshine and warmth and spring, even if it means mud, and major poo cleanup and grooming, never ending grooming that comes with it.

I could tell myself all that, but it didn’t stop me from feeling out of sorts, and the wind just kept getting more and more strong and bitter and then my normally happy man, became a grumpy bear to and it just moved from being a fuss, to a full blown Bla, Bla, Bla day.

Breakfast was omlet with lots of onion, dried greens and mushrooms, Lunch was Leftovers, porgies for hubby and pasta with sauce for me, supper was Herbed Breaded steak with veggie rice and sweet with heat mashed carrots.

Snacks/desserts was apple cinnamon cookies, and blueberry muffins with water, tea (with honey) and hot chocolate..

Did some butchering yesterday, a total of six of the guinea fowl were done so that we have fresh meat in the house, so you can expect them to make a appearance on the blog soon.

My oldest hound boy was having a bit of a rough day, he was just off, he didn’t want his breakfast, he didn’t want warmed, wet kitten food, he didn’t want fresh raw meat or cooked warm scrambled eggs, at this point I was really getting worried, I got a little broth in him, rubbed a little corn syrup on his gums, checked his temp (normal), he was going to the bathroom normal both ways, but just was very tired, put him on a bed and heated a blanket and covered him up, and hoped that I could get him to take a pill in peanut butter, which after his warming nap, he was like glup.. and then he asked for his meal and eat it up..

Still seems a bit off, but given the storm coming in, I know that weather changes can bother them, and that wind was bad, so its very possible, he just got a chill when out for bathroom and need to recover from it. This morning with wind chill -32, and all the old hounds were in and out for morning jobs, the young hounds were all .. lets jump in the snow like bounding fox’s, and the old dogs were like no thanks!

My old bella, came to the door, went out, the wind hit her and she tried to come right back in.. I said, no way.. go pee, she went down the steps, peed and ran back in the house LOL

I hope if you got hit with this storm that you have  come though with power and are in shovel out mode! If its coming your way, batten down the hatches, and if you are where its warm and green.. send me link to show me your spring!

Or put it up on my facebook page if you are on facebook..

Its my understanding that you should be able to post on it or share photos to it.




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One Response to March 12- Bla, Bla, Bla

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I’d laugh, but it’s not funny. I know exactly how they feel – today most particularly – and I’m thinking maybe it’s connected to the way the barometer’s been jinking around the past couple of days):
    REALLY looking forward to Spring this year…

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