March 11th

Well, it was a spring day yesterday, it was a just a touch of a warm breeze in the air, as can see from my post yesterday, line drying the cloths..

2013-01-01 1631 (600x450)

Everyone on the farm was leaping for joy at the great weather, I was choosing to putter around outside just to be outside, ever window was open..

2013-01-01 1638 (600x450)

The New Drakes is going to be called Pat and he was introduced to his new hen and they hit it off, the hen was flirting him right up and he seemed thrilled to see a girl of his own family duck tree. This will help greatly in settling the other drakes down as they didn’t him like even hinting at looking at their own mated females.

2013-01-01 1639 (532x600)

The hens were in a fine mood, 14 hens, 13 eggs yesterday, good girls! The young girls are now in full egg laying mode but they are still coming up in size on the eggs, we have small eggs, med eggs  (new girls) and extra large and jumbo (old hens) but nothing in the middle yet.

Everyone is still shaggy but there are signs that they will start blowing coats soon.. Here is a new photo of Glenda, the wee horned babe..

2013-01-01 1637 (600x450)

So breakfast was omlet for both of us, Lunch was hubby was steak, rice and veggies, and I stirfry rice with egg, and for supper we have pasta with tomato based sauce with lots of veggies and burger.

Dessert was a half bowl of fresh popcorn with butter on it.

I am starting to crave fresh meat, I will need to do a bit of butcher to make that happen, I am starting to crave my good rye bread, (I have never yet been able to be make a bread at home that tastes like it) I am missing fresh apples, peppers, mushrooms.. even a banana would be good right now.

I am not lacking anything, but I want a meal off LOL, something that does not take planning and is not a soup or stew 🙂

O well, not going to happen, time to start getting more creative so that I can have different textures, flavours etc

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2 Responses to March 11th

  1. Our ewes were running around, kicking, jumping, and tossing their heads yesterday. It was fun to watch them enjoying the spring weather.

  2. wow Glenda has gotten so big and those babies make me smile. Glad the girls like the new drake

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