March 13- Wind is feeling playful..

Morning Folks, the house, the critters an myself are just a little curled in on ourselves as the wind play’s.

2013-01-01 1645 (600x450)

While the snow came, and boy did it come in last night..

2013-01-01 1644 (497x600)

I am not sure how much snow we got but the winds were drifting it and then some, on the lane drifts got thigh high on a lane that the day before was showing gravel and grass. all the paths were blown in and over from the barns, we had to shovel one out so that the sheep and lambs could leave the barn to come for the hay feeder.  In the one area of my main garden, the drift is up and over my four and half feet with wind and snow still drifting up and over it.. Digging out the cloths line path again, with wind chills we are in the mid -30’s

Breakfast for hubby was omlet and blueberry loaf, I had a leftover breaded steak, lunch however was much better..

I cracked out a jar of salsa (onion, tomato’s peppers, a jar of canned pork, some freshly grown snipped green onions and garlic chives with a the last tiny piece of leftover store marble cheese on fresh milk bread. Despite the more wet salsa, because it was a nice thick puffy crust done on a pizza pan, it held up well but would not have worked with a thin crust, which it would have made soggy pretty fast.

2013-01-01 1648 (600x450)

Supper, well supper is getting its own post, its going to be a guinea fowl dish and I will link it back here and put on picture up.

The baby leeks are just starting to poke their heads up in their tray now..

2013-01-01 1646 (450x600)


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