Garden Update May 18th-25th

Costs in the garden outputs this week- 36

Total Garden Outputs (including seeds/plants) for 2013- 468.15 dollars

Total Garden imputes in terms of harvest for 2013-746.91

Currently = In the good by 278.76

Total Garden impute in terms of free, gifted or foraged plants for 2013-767.88

Planted this week-,Friday to Thursday

  • Tomato’s
  • Five rows of greens
  • potato’s
  • onions
  • Dill

* Between the days of rain an the cow calving on a week that should have been heavy in planting it was in fact very light.

Plus Greenhouse seeding plantings.. but I am not going to go over those, they will be talked about when they make it out to the main gardens.

Currently prepping and working on different garden beds and everything that is coming back from next year..

Harvest this week..

  • Nettles-20 cups (will make these equal to basil herb) -20 **
  • horseradish Greens- 3 bunches- 3.99 at the Chinese market-12
  • Garlic greens/bulbs- 2 bunch (count them as green onions) 1 .98
  • Fresh Mints- 30 cups – I weighted this out and its 2.29 per cup -89
  • Mirco greens- equal to one box-5.99
  • Wild flowers-Lilacs- * 36 cups -108
  • Beet Greens-1 bunch-3.99
  • horseradish- 3.99

Total this week –244.95

** 46 cups fresh used, and the rest are dried, I finally got to the health store and got a current price on the dried stinging nettle pills, and will using it to help me figure out what my dried nettles are worth.. (did a big list of things I am growing an drying and wow, so glad that I am doing it on the farm, and not buying them!)

Went to my mountain herb and other online herb sites for prices on these..


Pig plow update: Cleared 192 square feet this week

total Plow this spring so far 1216 square feet..

compost used from the farm – Three wheelbarrels- equal to 12 large bags at the store.. 2.99 per bag- Savings on compost this week-47.84

Savings on compost for 2013 -112.64 (including tax)

Gifted to us this week-

Gifted Seeds this year-

  • Beans
  • Ockra
  • Luffa
  • Blue Dent Corn

Gifted from us Total to date : 279

  • 300 pds of well composted farm compost–45
  • six rhubarb root in a pot- 60
  • 8 apple mints-48
  • 2 -Beebalm Red 20
  • 1 Beebalm Pink- 10
  • Peppermint (little)- 4
  • 4 Wild Violets ( big pots worth) -40
  •  4 Nettles- (normally can only order seeds so will use that)-12
  •  2 virgina creepers- 20
  •  4 Creeping Charlie- 20
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2 Responses to Garden Update May 18th-25th

  1. Pam says:

    Reviewing your breakdown of expenses and value of the things gifted and foraged, I realize just how much we take for granted. Thank you for this post!

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