Super Thick Yogurt

So this was my first yogurt that I have made from Girls milk, this was skimmed milk in the sense of the cream line was skimmed off but it would still be considered whole milk if you were buying it, I mixed in two tbsp. of regular active yogurt culture, heated it to the right temp in my shuttle chef, took it off the heat and into my double pot and left it for eight hours.. wow, is it thick.. that big ladle picked it up and its a good three inches plus over and its just holding its shape..2012-12-24 265 (500x375)

Its also rich and fully of body with a very good tangy!

2012-12-24 266 (500x375)

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6 Responses to Super Thick Yogurt

  1. dreamfarming says:

    Does it have a cheesy taste? I had some home made yogurt once that had a cheesy after taste. I didn’t really like it and have been nervous to try it again.

    • I have four different yogurt starting cultures, they all are different tasting, I think two would or could be a bit more cheesy, one is more thin and smooth, this one was rich, full body, I would not want to eat it plain but with fruit, amazing smoothy, or good in other ways.

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        This thick style would be great for “souring” the milk in pancakes, muffins, tea biscuits… Beautiful yogourt! You are SO lucky to have all of this fresh dairy bounty (big time milk cow envy here: )

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I know you’re not using a separator (yet; ) but she covers a lot more in this piece…

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