Cultured Butter.. o my, I like it!

Now some folks culture butter by allowing the cream to go sour and then making the butter, giving it a sharp taste, I was reading that room temp cultured cream would make butter much, much faster, given that my first butter took about 45 min that appealed to me greatly..

So this morning, I took a quart jar of one day old cream and added in a heaping tbsp. of live active cultured yogurt and let it sit at room temp till about three this afternoon, at which time I started shaking the jar, and within about 12 min we had amazing wonderful soft fluffy butter.. all photos taken inside on a grey overcast afternoon.

2012-12-24 256 (500x375)

Here it is in the jar, it came out as a big blop, which made controlling the buttermilk a little hard but I am left with around a pint of raw cultured buttermilk that is so awesome to drink and also has many other wonderful uses, I will get to some of them sooner then later.

2012-12-24 257 (500x375)

Into a big bowl it went, filled with cold, cold water to start to flush out the buttermilk..

2012-12-24 258 (500x375)

third rince now and you can see if starting to come together..

2012-12-24 259 (500x375)

now I am moving it around, and racing on the timing of it, the butter is very, very soft, I could have put it in the fridge for a bit but as I was down to just a bit of buttermilk left, I decided that it made more sense to add the salt and use it to help push out any of the rest of the buttermilk, (please note that I am freezing it in little jars and will only bring out 4 oz of the butter at a time, as it will go bad much faster if you leave any buttermilk in it.

2012-12-24 260 (500x375)

2012-12-24 262 (500x375)

Then just to surprise hubby, I saved a small jar full of fresh butter, put some garlic, herbs and black pepper in and made the most rocking garlic butter ever!

2012-12-24 261 (500x375)2012-12-24 263 (500x375)


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8 Responses to Cultured Butter.. o my, I like it!

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh man, does that sound good!

  2. dreamfarming says:

    Are you allowed to sell your butter? Or is that a no like the raw milk. Perhaps there is a market for the yummy stuff you can make with all that milk.

  3. Lynda says:

    I learn so much from you here. Thanks!

  4. You’re making my mouth water! Thanks for this . . . we’re hoping to add some dairy goats in the future and I had heard about cultured butter but had no idea how to go about it. Looks amazing!

    • Glad you liked it slow foods mama, its funny because when I said cultured butter to my mother she informed me that our family does sweet butter and I went ok.. but again, I think she was thinking of soured butter, not fresh sweet but still cultured butter. They have quite a different taste compared side by side..

      • I can’t wait to try them all. Baby #2 is coming in a few months, so now milking animals this year, but I’m hoping in the next year or so. Butter, cheese, yogurt all that make me so excited. My dad worked in a commercial dairy, so I grew up getting to see it all done on an industrial scale, I’d love to learn how to do it myself. As it is, my 2 year old licks butter straight from the block, so I know he’ll approve . . .

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