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Baby Beets, Beet Greens and Bacon mix.

This is one of those amazingly simple but if the food is fresh truly awesome side dishes, (ok  so this was in fact my breakfast but I think for most folks it would be a side dish) A huge bunch … Continue reading

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Cultured Butter.. o my, I like it!

Now some folks culture butter by allowing the cream to go sour and then making the butter, giving it a sharp taste, I was reading that room temp cultured cream would make butter much, much faster, given that my first … Continue reading

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Our first butter- Colustrum Butter.

So, I have a lot of plans for the fresh extra colostrum that Girl is producing, and while I like making the slow cooked cheese’s/puddings, the issues is that they are cooked and we lose so much of the best … Continue reading

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